Draw on Instagram by comments: how to conduct, determine the winner and award prizes

Contests and sweepstakes on Instagram are a great opportunity to interest the audience and increase engagement on your page. This method is also suitable for increasing reach and increasing subscribers. The main thing is to carefully think over the conditions and choose the mechanics of conducting.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how to run an Instagram comment contest on the Youtogift platform. You will learn what you need to write in the conditions of the drawing, how to correctly design a post about the competition, choose a winner and sum up the results. The material will be useful for smm-managers and bloggers wishing to promote their account.

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Conducting a competition in the comments on Instagram from A to Z

Let’s take a closer look at how to draw using comments.

Conditions of the competition

Keep the terms simple so as not to scare off the audience. Usually this is an open “live” account, a subscription to the organizer’s profile, like, repost and comment.

You can add a condition – mark one friend in the comments. At the same time, indicate in the rules the ability to add any number of comments from one person. Accordingly, the more friends a participant marks, the higher his chances of winning.

Draw options based on comments

Post contest design

The publication must include all the conditions of the competition, the date and method for determining the winners, as well as a list of prizes.

Choose a prize that interests your target audience. If the page is about fashion and style, a makeup basket or a branded dress will be a good gift. And for the channel about computers, useful gadgets can become prizes. Money is a universal prize that will delight all participants. It is important to think over the nuances of receiving a prize for the winner, perhaps, to limit the participants to the framework of one country or region – this must be indicated in the post description.

Post a vivid picture that grabs attention and elicits positive emotions. You can choose a photo with prizes that will be raffled off. Complete the image with a large inscription “Attention! Drawing “or” Read to everyone who wants to get … “.

Post design with competition

How to determine the winner

You can determine the winner manually or automatically using the service. Manual selection is only possible with a small number of participants. It involves scrolling through the comments under the post on your own and choosing a random subscriber (usually during a live broadcast). This is inconvenient, and participants may question the organizer’s honesty.

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It is better to use a service that will collect a database of participants by itself, check the fulfillment of the conditions and determine the winner of the drawing on Instagram for free.

The step-by-step algorithm for using the built-in Youtogift randomizer is discussed further.

Awarding and summing up

When determining the winner, it is worth broadcasting live: film and comment on the entire process of checking and generating numbers. We also recommend adding a History, where you congratulate and mark the winners, ask them to write to you in Direct.

Having established contact with the winner, negotiate the terms of delivery of the gift with him. Ask him to post a Stories with a prize and a mention of your profile – this will be an additional PR and an indicator of your honesty as an organizer.

Awarding and summing up

How to draw on Youtogift

To conduct a contest on Instagram based on comments and determine the winner, it is better to use a special service Youtogift… This will automate the entire process of the competition and save time.

Youtogift benefits:

  • Convenience… Quick authorization in the service through your Google or Instagram account, checking the fulfillment of the conditions of the drawing. The database of participants is collected by the specified time or instantly upon request.
  • Honesty… Each participant of the drawing is assigned an ID, by which the winner will be selected. Members can find out personal numbers and find themselves on the list.
  • Internal randomizer… You can determine the winner using the built-in random number generator or use a third-party randomizer.
  • Free to use… Youtogift will collect a complete database without restrictions on the number of participants and service fees.
  • Two options for the drawing… You can conduct an online competition in a couple of clicks now or add it to the site for advertising and subsequent holding.


Let’s take a closer look at both options for launching an online contest in the comments on Instagram.

Option number 1: Swipe in one click

1. For the drawing, select the section “Swipe in one click“.

How to run a contest in Instagram comments

And then Instagram.

Instagram contest

2. Provide a link to the post with the contest and click “Start”.

Insert a link to the contest post

3. Decide on the criteria for choosing a winner (by default, only one comment from one author is taken into account).

Number of winners of the Instagram contest

Assign the number of winners and click on “Start”.

Choosing the criteria for determining the winners

4. To add the draw to the system, log in to the social network. Authorization passes through social networks, which means that the service does not collect passwords.

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Authorization via Instagram

Information processing will take several minutes.

Data processing

5. If you want, you can share the link with the followers. So they can find themselves in the list of participants and find out their personal number.

Link to the results of the competition

Determine the winner via Youtogift randomizer or other random number generator. With the built-in tool selected, click Youtogift Randomizer and Generate.

Determining the winner on Instagram by comments

The system will show you the winner ID.

Winner of competition

The service automatically checks subscriptions and likes. But if the subscriber has a private profile, the system will not be able to collect data.

How to check if the conditions of the draw are met

To check the comment, click on the “View” button.

If the winner has not met all the conditions, you can present the prize to another person by clicking “Choose another”.

Choose another

If you want to select it using another randomizer – click on “Third-party randomizer”.

Randomizer for Instagram

Enter the received number and click “Find a winner”. The system will give you the winner’s login.

Winner number

6. Click “OK”, then “Close the drawing”.

Summing up the results of the drawing on Instagram

After that, a link will appear where you can view the history of the online competition at any time. The history of the drawing is also available in the “Closed” tab (section “My contests”).

Archive of competitions

Click “Save Image” if you want to share the result of the drawing in social networks.

Save the draw

The advantages of this option:

  • intuitive interface;
  • quick collection of a database of participants;
  • without registration and financial costs;
  • auto-check for conditions;
  • the ability to use an internal and third-party randomizer;
  • after collecting the database, Youtogift will generate a link that can be shared with participants (they can find themselves on the list and find out their personal ID, which will increase their excitement);
  • subscribers will be able to view the results of the draw on the service and make sure that they were its participants;
  • As a result, the organizer will receive an attractive picture with the winners’ logins for posting on social networks.

Option number 2: Adding and conducting a draw

1. Select “Add competition“, Then” Instagram “and” Standard “.

How to make a contest for comments on Instagram

2. Go through the authorization through the social network, thereby confirming that the account belongs to you.

Authorization via Instagram

3. Add a contest specifying its conditions. Instagram Standart requires the participant to follow you.

Click Add Instagram Profile.

Add profile

4. Provide a link to the contest account and click “Add”.

Add an account

Add additional profiles as needed.

Check the list of other social networks to which the participant should subscribe.

6. Add a publication from which the database of participants will be collected by marking the conditions and clicking “Download”.

Terms of the comment competition

7. Provide a link to a post with a contest on Instagram and click on “Add”.

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Add a post with a giveaway

8. Check the prerequisites, such as comment and public profile.

We mark the conditions of the drawing

If the conditions you need are not in the list, specify them in the “Additional tasks and note” field. By default, one comment from one participant is taken into account (you can switch the slider to the “Consider all author comments” mode.

Additional terms

9. Select the number of winners and enter the prize. If it is a monetary award, indicate its amount, if the physical prize is an approximate price.

Prize in the Instagram draw

10. Specify the end time of the online competition in Moscow. Please note: it must last at least a day.

End time of the draw

Please mark the country and city of the draw. If in your case there is no reference to geography, leave the fields blank.

11. After checking by the moderator, the drawing will be in the “My contests” tab.

12. When the time you specified comes to an end, choose a winner. To do this, go to “My contests”.

Determining the winner of the drawing on Instagram

Click on the “Post” button, then “Start scraping”.

After the automatic collection of all participants, determine the winner through the randomizer. If you would like to use the built-in number generator, click on “Youtogift Randomizer” and “Generate”.

Youtogift randomizer

After that, the service will issue the winner’s number.

Winner of competition

The system will automatically check for likes and subscriptions. If the user has a closed profile, the message “No data” will appear. If he did not fulfill the conditions, you will see the inscription “The task has not been completed.” To check the comment, click “View”.

How to check if the conditions of the draw are met

If the winning participant has not fulfilled all your conditions, click on the “Choose another” button.

Choose another

13. The history of the drawing will be available via the link after clicking on the “Close drawing” button, as well as in the “My contests” tab (in the “Closed” section).

The advantages of this option:

  • all the advantages of the first method;
  • automatic collection of the database by the appointed date;
  • setting up the geography of participants;
  • advertising on the main page of Youtogift.

The participants will also like the service – the program for the drawing in the comments on Instagram itself will collect all verified contests on one page. Moderators add unscrupulous organizers to the black list.


Conducting a drawing on Instagram will help you improve your account performance and gain an audience in a short time. The best way to do this is to use an automated service like Youtogift. He will quickly collect a database of participants, assign a personal ID to each and determine the winners by generating a number.

In addition to contests on Instagram, the platform is suitable for launching a giveaway on YouTube, VKontakte, Telegram and Facebook.

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