Dynamic retargeting on VKontakte

On December 1, news came out that dynamic retargeting appeared in the VK advertising account, which will help not to miss out on hot customers and re-sell to those who have already made a purchase. To a greater extent, the update is relevant for large online stores, hotel booking sites and airline tickets, where people could not proceed to checkout after they added the product to the cart, etc.

The essence of the new VK advertising cabinet option is the automatic generation of ads containing the most interesting offers for those who have already been on your site.

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To launch dynamic retargeting, you need to put a single pixel of VK tracking (we wrote about this in the article Setting up retargeting in VK) on your website or in the application, upload your price list and create events, upon the occurrence of which ads will be generated to the appropriate audience.

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How to set up dynamic retargeting on VK?

Now let’s figure out how to set up dynamic retargeting in VK.

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1. Need apply for connection functions using special form (click here) in the advertising office, indicating the site address and the number of the advertising office. As stated in the publication about this functionality, the connection may be refused without explanation.

2. Make your price list in YML format, upload it to your website and provide a link to it in the advertising cabinet. The price list should contain the most complete information about the offered goods, except for the price and name, these are photographs, parameters and descriptions.

3. Select tracking events: a visit to a page or product category, added to the cart, but not paid for an order, and the like.

4. Launch of advertising. To run you need to create carousel ad template… One ad template is added, then the system analyzes the pages visited by the user and itself creates the most relevant offers from the template.

When setting up, do not forget to indicate for what period to collect the audience that visited the site. For example, for construction companies, where the transaction cycle is long, it can be from 30 to 90 days, for clothing stores, it can be limited to a period of 7-14 days.

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