Dynamic tags are now available for VK key phrases

Dynamic tags are now available for VK key phrases: {keyword} or {search_phrase}. Tags should be used if you work with contextual targeting in VK.

In their place, the user’s phrases are automatically substituted, thanks to which he saw your ad. This information can be used by analytics systems on your site to track conversions from ads. Also, you can track conversions directly in the ad account.

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Here’s an example of a link with a dynamic label:

  • https: // vk. com / ads? utm_source = vk & utm_medium = cpc & utm_campaign = {campaign_id} & utm_term = {keyword}.

Important: The {keyword} and {search_phrase} tags are equivalent – only one should be used.

Previously, periods of limited impressions will be available for advertising on VKontakte, and also launched a feed of goods – “Purchases”.

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