Earnings in VK: how to make money in VKontakte on the group, likes +12 ways


Any visited site on the Internet can be seen as a source of income. Today let’s talk about earning money in the most popular Russian social network, VKontakte.

In the article we will tell you how and on what you can earn in VK, what there are ways of monetization and what are their features.

Features of monetization VKontakte

There are two types of monetization in VK – official, the one that offers the social network itself – this is the connection of communities to the advertising exchange or advertising network of VK (RSVK). And unofficial – this is when you use a platform just as a source of traffic and earn money in other ways, for example, by selling your products. Below we will take a detailed look at all the schemes and ways to earn in VK.

What is the complexity of official monetization on this platform, what are the pros and cons:

+ no need to find advertisers yourself, centralized payment within VK, semi-automatic process of advertising;

– Strict requirements for the platform, ads may not be appropriate for the community, VK takes away part of the money itself.

All schemes and ways to earn in VK

We tell you what they earn in VK.

1. Earnings on advertising

The easiest way to earn in VK is to place ads in communities. Accordingly, you must have a promoted group where you can place ads. You can make a public group from scratch and promote it by your own efforts or buy a ready-made group on the exchange. There are three schemes for making money from advertising:

1.1 Official monetization of communities

This is the connection of the community to the advertising exchange or advertising network VKontakte. The most convenient method of earning, because it is enough to get the approval of the site and you can earn. The group is connected to the system, after which it shows advertising from the Market Platform VK or an advertising network (where targeted advertising is set up).

Requirements for the communities:

  • the age of the group is more than 3 months;
  • group is open;
  • there is no foul language or obscene language in the name, description or entries;
  • group does not contradict the rules of VK and does not violate the law;
  • the group is not created for the purpose of advertising;
  • advertising records are marked “Advertising”.

For a full list of requirements, as well as how to connect your community to monetization, read the VK instructions.

How much can you earn: you pay for displays. Earnings are not fixed, part of the income is taken away by VK. Amounts depend on the size of the site, the age and interests of the audience, behavioral factors, geography, frequency of advertising. On average for 1,000 impressions, you can earn 15-25 rubles.

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1.2 Selling advertising in the group via third-party sites

There are services for monetizing the group, where you can offer your community and accept requests for advertising. For example, Blogoon, Sociate or Epicstars. You place a site, wait for approval, then specify your advertising price and wait for bids from advertisers. Customers can find you in the general directory.

How much you can earn: you set your own prices for their services. You can see what competitors offer.

Direct cooperation with advertisers

You can place an advertisement offer in a group and interested advertisers will contact you themselves.

The advantage of this method is that you can choose what kind of advertising and can reject uninteresting offers. For example, you have a group for photographers and you want to advertise only on this topic. Accordingly, if you are asked to post about hookahs, you can refuse in order not to spoil the image of the group. You can set any price and take all the profits.

The disadvantage is that such income is unstable and you have to perform a lot of extra actions – to negotiate with the customer, manually place the post, then delete it, to report to the advertiser and so on.

How much can you earn: Each owner of the group sets its own prices, for example, advertising in the publishers partner link costs $ 139.

2. Sale of the goods and services

Sale through your group, through a personal page or section with goods. No less popular way of making money in VK. For example, you draw portraits to order. You can make a group or untwist a personal page and so find customers for portraits.

If you have your own online store, then you simply have to promote yourself in VK, especially since you can create a full-fledged storefront there and accept payment. You can read about the latest updates and functions of the store in VKontakte in the article “VKontakte Store 2.0 – an overview of all the changes”.

If you don’t have your own goods and you really want to sell, you can find a suitable product on one of the dropshipping platforms. You put your markup on the goods and accept requests, and the supplier himself is engaged in shipping goods to end customers.

3. Affiliate

The point of earnings is to place affiliate links in their (or other people’s) groups and pages. For each purchase made after clicking on the link, you get a percentage.

The pros of such earnings for those who have their own group or untwisted page:

  • The network has a huge choice of partnerships and specific products/services for advertising;
  • it is possible to receive the passive income – for another’s advertising in group you receive money 1 time, and on affiliate sites it
  • is possible to earn constantly;
  • You yourself decide what advertising post should be.
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How much can you earn: the owners of affiliate programs themselves establish the percentage of commission for affiliates. It can be seen on the page with the conditions of affiliate programs.

4. Promoting your blog through a group in VK.

If you have your own blog with articles and you want to get more traffic – use social networks. Moreover, it is very easy to do – just some plugin for autoposting articles in the group. Or you can come up with a separate content plan for the group and get more traffic from VK.

If you have not yet subscribed to us at VK – do it now.

How much can you earn: there are no clear figures. You can simply redirect traffic to your blog and monetize the site. But it is possible to combine and earn, both on blog and on group. For example, Partnerkin uses a group in VKK as an additional source of traffic for the arbitration site, but also earns from placing paid ads in the group.

5. Promotion of personal brand

The bottom line is that you promote yourself as a person in the social network, and then earn on his fame – taking orders for advertising, selling some of your services, such as advice or products for their fans. If you’re lucky, you can count on the fact that you will be invited to some show, and you become a media personality. You can promote yourself as a specialist in some field, for example, there are groups and pages of psychologists and business coaches in VK. In general, to promote a personal brand more suitable platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, but promotion themselves in VK also has a right to exist.

But mostly it is groups, not just bloggers, who take off in VK. So you can use VK as an additional platform to attract an audience. Statistics show that the leaders of VK are persons known outside of this social network.

6. Monetization of music and other creativity

If you write or sing music – promote yourself in VK. This applies to any creativity, but let’s talk specifically about music.

You can create a fan group and get donations. Or offer listeners to buy a track on Apple music, Google Play music and Spotify. If you’re an aspiring musician or band and you have big plans and ambitions to succeed in your music career, you can find people who will promote your tracks. Naturally, you’ll have to spend some money first.

How you can promote your music in VK:

  • Offer selections of your tracks to major music publishers;
  • Free option – to make a selection of other people’s tracks and somewhere in the middle to insert their own, to offer the admins of the group;
  • You can add to the friends of those who liked or commented on a selection with your track and offer to get acquainted with your work;
  • to buy ads in the pubs with your tsa.
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7. Monetization of applications

Any user of VK can place his application in this social network and earn from it. For example, make a game, test, online radio. But first the application must be approved by the administration of VK. You can earn by advertising in the application or on the internal currency – coins and votes, which are then exchanged for real money. For coins and votes, players can make in-app purchases.

An example of income generation is the popular Radio app, the owners earn from advertising, which automatically runs when you log into the app.

You can make the app yourself or hire a programmer.


Заработок на голосах в ВК

VK developers have also released a separate type of application – VK Mini Apps. These are apps that allow you to solve everyday tasks or just have a good time. With their help, you can order food, refill your card, or call a cab. They have already been adopted by business owners.

7. Earning on likes, reposts (for schoolchildren)

This is a simple way to make money in VK, all you need to do is register on sites with paid tasks and take them to work. You need to like and repost content, leave comments, subscribe to groups and pages. The main condition – you can’t cancel your action right away. For example, if you repost a record, it has to hang on your page for a while.

Sites with paid tasks:


Other ways to make money in VK

  • Creating and selling groups;
  • Placing links to other groups for money;
  • working with other people’s groups – creating groups for money, creating group designs;
  • work as a content manager or SMM-specialist – promoting other people’s groups for money;
  • work as a targeting specialist – setting up advertising in VK.


What kind of earnings to go to VK? It is best if you have a promoted group or page. Then you have a wide choice of ways to earn – advertising, sale of goods and services, affiliate. You can try to make money on your own creativity or applications. You can also make money by promoting other people’s groups or setting up targeted advertising in VK. Earning money by performing paid tasks (likes, subscriptions, reposts) does not work out much – this scheme of earning is suitable only as a part-time job for schoolchildren.

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