Effects in TiK ToK – how to find and use the right effect


TiKToK is an app whose audience is growing at a breakneck pace, which has already left Instagram nervously smoking and rushing to implement similar features. The main secret of the app is not just short videos, but interesting effects that allow you to create viral videos. But there’s a problem with that – TicToc’s audience gets bored with everything so quickly that sometimes they have to look for ideas in other apps.

In this article, let’s take a look at some interesting TiKToK effects that can be used to go into recommendations and tell you what effects can be done through other apps.

What are TiKToK effects and how do they work

TiKToK’s built-in effects are masks or filters that are applied on top of your video and make it more interesting. You can use a single effect in a video or a combination of several. Some can be added during filming and others can be superimposed on the finished video.

Without effects, TikTok wouldn’t be as interesting and popular. People come there to have fun, to laugh, to relax, to stand out from the crowd, and that’s what effects are for.

How to find and use effects in TIK ToK + an overview of the most popular

A few popular effects. And how to add them to your video.

Drawing Nose

With this effect, you can “draw with your nose” on the screen different shapes. The algorithm detects the location of the nose and makes drawings depending on the movements. Bloggers from all over the world are competing to see who draws the nose better.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is in trends, the icon in the form of a large nose. The effect is applied during video recording.

There is a direct link to the effect. Activate the icon and start making movements, as if you’re drawing with your nose.


This is an effect that applies sparkling glitter on top of the video. Nothing fancy, but ticktockers love it.

Where to find and how to apply: The filter is located in the Effects tab, in the Visual section. It is applied to selected segments of the finished clip. Record the video or load the ready-made video, go to the section with the effects, the Visual tab where you scroll the effects to the right to the name of Bling. Select the desired section and click the circle with the effect. When the circle is pressed, the effect is applied, when you lower the circle, the effect stops.

Changing your voice

TicToc has some cool voice effects, for example, you can make a video with a shaking voice, add an echo, talk like a robot.

Where to find and how to apply: the effects are located in a separate section “Voice effects” in the upper right corner, the icon appears after loading the video. First, you need to record the video with a normal voice, and then apply.

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Time Machine (Appearance Change)

This is a filter that changes photos one by one, so that you get a smooth appearance-changing effect. You can just add different photos, or you can show how your appearance has changed with age.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is located in the Themes section under the red circle of the record – from the suggested themes you need to find the effect “Appearance Change”, select 5 photos and click ok.

Slow motion (slo-mo)

Slow motion is the effect of slowing down some segment of your video. It is used to make your video epic.

Where to find it and how to apply it: there are 2 ways to slow down your video – you can either slow it down while recording or edit the finished video.

While recording. Immediately above the red recording button there are speed numbers, to do slow motion you need to select a value less than 1. Well, to speed up, respectively, more than 1. You can also use the Slow Motion FX, Viva Video, Video Shop, Action Director, or the built-in phone camera with Slow Motion FX, if you have an iPhone.

Edit the finished video. The function is in the effects section. You need to scroll to the right to the Time tab and select there Slowmo. The effect is applied to the selected segment.

This effect is more complicated than others, because it’s not enough just to apply a filter. To get a truly epic video, you need to think of the plot, download a piece of music in advance, learn the movements and try to do everything in time with the music.

Face center camera (FACE TRACKER)

This is an effect where the face stays in the center of the camera the whole time, even while the phone or actor is moving. It looks like this effect was taken from Snapchat.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is in trends, applied during recording. Icon in the form of a pink smiley in a square.

Black Eyes Effect

This slightly creepy effect makes your eyes completely black.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is in trends, applied during recording. The icon looks like a smiley with black eyes.

Hair color change

A cool effect, it has several masks at once. You can see how you will look with colored or gray hair, become temporarily blonde or brunette.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is in trends, applied during recording. Icon in the form of a girl with colored hair.

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Multi-Headed Mask

You get a “crowd effect,” only your face is everywhere. It looks like marching men.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is in the effects section, new, applied during recording. The icon is in the form of several white men.

Custom background in video

As the name suggests, the effect lets you add any custom background – a photo or even a video from the gallery. And you don’t even need chromakey here, the editor recognizes the person in the frame and cuts everything unnecessary by itself.

Where to find and how to apply: the effect is available at the link. It is used during video shooting.

Big Head

This mask enlarges the head in the frame, while the rest of the body proportions remain, which looks funny.

Where to find and how to apply: The effect is in the trends, the icon looks like a laughing smiley face in the form of a big head. The effect is applied during recording.

Sometimes you might notice unusual effects in TickTock that aren’t available in the standard editor. They are first made in other applications or editors, such as Snapchat, and then re-filled in TickTock. Examples of such an effect are a baby face:

Baby Face (rattle)

This is an effect in which an adult’s face becomes a baby’s face. There is a rattle in the lower left corner, and in most clips plays the track Kiss – Trippie Redd (examples). Very cool effect – realistic and detailed. But it’s not in TickTock itself, it’s a mask from Snapchat. That is, you first need to make a video there, and then re-inject it into TickTock.

Where to find it and how to apply: go to the application Snapchat and find the icon of the child in the section with the masks. Then take a video in real time, the mask is applied immediately.

Or you can get a mask in Snapchat by copying Snapcode. To do this, go into the application and point Snapchat camera to the picture below, keeping your finger on the screen to activate the mask.

Лицо ребёнка в Тик-Ток

In fact, you can take any effect or mask in Snapchat, save the video to your phone, and re-download it to TickTock.

The developers of TicToc try to release new filters and masks very quickly, but if you want to stand out from the rest, you can search marketplaces for interesting video editing applications, such as VOCHI, Cool Video Editor, Video Effect Editor & Music Clip Star Maker – MAGE.

How to add an effect in Tick-Tock: step by step instructions

On the example of the Bling filter.

  • Step 1. Click on the plus sign to add a clip. Record a video (red circle) or download the ready-made one from the gallery. Go to the section with effects, the Visual tab.
  • Step 2. There, scroll to the right until you see the name Bling. Select the desired segment and click the circle with the effect. When the circle is clicked, the effect is applied, when you put the circle down, the effect stops.
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If the effect is standard, you add it to the editor in the Effects section. If it is a challange and the effect was first in the trends and then disappeared, you can find it by the hashtag.

If you liked the effect and it is not in the TickTock itself, then make the video on your phone or computer first, and then upload it to the application.

How to add an effect to favorites

To avoid searching for effects every time, you can save them to your favorites. Since they can move to other sections over time, for example, only popular effects are always in trends, but when they are used less often, they disappear from there and the next time you have to look for them again. There are 2 ways to add an effect:

  • From the menu. You can immediately add the effect to your favorites by clicking on the check mark icon in the effects menu. Note that it should turn red.

  • Find from another user and add to your own. Above the description of the video, there is usually a sticker that has been used. Click on it, you’ll be redirected to the page with the effect, then click “Favorites”.

How to remove effects from video

What to do if you changed your mind about using an effect? It can be removed only at the stage of editing, i.e. before saving the video. To do this, click the “Back” arrow in the Filters section.


The main feature of TickTock is the section with built-in effects, which is constantly updated. Effects, masks, and filters allow you to have fun and create a funny viral video, which is what people come to TickTock for. Try to keep track of effects, especially in the “Trends” and “New” tabs, and apply them to your videos. Also, effects and masks are displayed above the descriptions of other people’s videos. You can save them to your favorites so you don’t have to look through menus every time. Learn how other Ticktockers apply effects and do better.

If the built-in editor’s effects aren’t enough for you, you can use masks from Snapchat and search for interesting effects apps in marketplaces.

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