Exchange retargeting audiences on VKontakte

A new function has appeared in the VKontakte advertising account – the exchange of retargeting audiences. Thanks to this, you can share the collected audience in a couple of clicks, transfer it to another advertising account or transfer it to the customer.

In particular, this is a great opportunity for targetologists to sell collected audiences by categories for different types of business.

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Setting up VK retargeting: step by step instructions

How to share a retargeting audience on VK?

To share the retargeting audience on VK, go to the advertising account. We go to the “Retargeting” tab.

Next to the desired audience, click on the arrow pointing down and in the menu that opens, select the item “Share”.

Share this

Next, we have two options to choose from to share the collected retargeting audience:

  • provide a link to the ad account of the person to whom access will be granted (without editing rights);
  • provide access via an individual link (the link is valid for a month).

We provide access to the audience

Access can be disabled or closed at any time. You cannot download an audience. After adding access, information about who has access to your audiences will also be displayed.

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Where can I find ready-made retargeting audiences?

Services TargetHunter and PepperNinja have already included in their advertising offices the possibility of obtaining ready-made audiences in different directions: auto, real estate, accounting, coffee, gifts and others. Also in services you can put up your base for sale.

Buying ready-made retargeting audiences in VK

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