Facebook Ads will remove attribution window in 28 days

Facebook Ads will no longer support the 28-day window attribution model. From October 12, 2020, all accounts will default to the attribution window in 7 days.

This means that Facebook Ads will limit the ability to attribute conversions to ads over long attribution periods. This will make the ad more “resilient” to future changes to your browser’s privacy settings.

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Until October 12, data on the attribution model with a window of 28 days will be available. Facebook recommends that advertisers who have automated, 28-day window attribution rules set up to update them. This applies to any rules governing spending and budget based on 28 days results. After October 12, attribution models will automatically apply at seven days. This can affect costs.

At the same time in the advertising office there will be an opportunity to compare windows of different lengths.

The Facebook Ads API will continue to provide 28 days of attribution data until browser limits are officially set.

Facebook emphasizes that the seven-day attribution model creates more realistic perceptions of ad performance.

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Currently, the attribution window is set to one day after the view and 28 days after the click. This means that the attribution was performed for actions that occurred within one day after viewing the ad and 28 days after clicking on it.

Earlier Facebook removed the limitation of “up to 20% of text” on images for advertising, and also introduced a tool to protect copyright content – Rights Manager.

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