Facebook advertising certification: how to become more in-demand in the marketplace


This article talks about how to become certified as a Facebook advertising specialist, what you need to do and how to prepare for the exam.

Why do you need Facebook certification?

Certified specialist status is a distinguishing feature that allows you to stand out among ordinary freelancers. Having a certificate demonstrates in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of advertising in Facebook, the relevance of the knowledge and generally gives more credibility to its owner.

Here are a few reasons why it’s worth getting certified:

  • Some projects (especially those in the West and with high checks) require the agency/team to have Facebook Blueprint certified professionals;
  • having a certification is one reason to increase the average check for your services (and a good argument for potential clients);
  • the preparation for the Blueprint exams and studying all the materials that Facebook provides on its platform allows you to tighten the theoretical base (for novice professionals – to understand all the subtleties of advertising in Facebook, the algorithms, etc.);
  • Well, of course, having a certificate is a must for those who want to become a Facebook Marketing Partner.


Example of certificate:

The certificate is issued on a special platform. A link to the certificate can be placed in your resume or on any resources. A potential client or advertiser will be able to go to the link, see the certificate and check its validity.

How much does the exam cost

Issuing a certificate from Facebook is a paid service. You will have to pay before you start taking the exam. For basic exams (Digital Marketing Associate and Community Manager), the cost can be up to $99. For professional exams, up to $150. The exact cost may vary depending on the country in which the candidate resides.

If you fail the exam for any reason (disqualification for breaking the rules or simply not passing the exam), there is no refund. If you pass the exam again, you will have to pay the same amount.

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How the exam goes

The procedure for taking the exam is as follows:

  • choose the required exam, register, choose a suitable day and time;
  • Authorize in the system at the appointed time. You must have a webcam on. On the webcam, you show your passport/foreign
  • passport or driver’s license to the Facebook representative;
  • after identification, you must show your room: the Facebook representative must make sure that you are alone in the room and
  • that there are no cribs on the walls;
  • after successfully confirming your identity and verifying your room, you will begin taking the test;
  • when the test is completed, the system will show the percentage of correct answers.


Please note! During the exam, a Facebook representative will continue to monitor you. If he or she notices any violation, the exam may be terminated. So do not use any gadgets, cheat sheets, etc., and make sure no one enters your room while you are taking the exam.

Exam results are graded on a scale of 300 to 1,000 points. The minimum level to pass the exam is 700 points. If you scored 699, you will need to retake the exam (remember, pay a fee).

What certificates can be obtained

As of this writing (November 2021), Facebook is offering 10 exams:

100-101 Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate. A basic course in knowledge of advertising tools on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

200-101 Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional. A professional-level exam. It tests skills in using Facebook analytical tools to process data and make informed marketing decisions and recommendations.

300-101 Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional (Facebook Certified Creative Developer). The exam tests your understanding and ability to work with Facebook’s mobile apps and services.

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400-101 Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional (Facebook Certified Media Planner). The exam assesses skills in media planning and developing marketing strategies and advertising campaigns using Facebook tools.

410-101 Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional. A professional exam that assesses competencies in buying and managing media advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

500-101 Facebook Certified Marketing Developer. Technical implementation of Facebook marketing solutions (pixel installation and debugging, product catalog creation, troubleshooting and solving technical problems related to integration).

510-101 Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer. The exam is for those who implement advanced Facebook solutions: SDKs, offline conversions, etc. The prerequisite for admission to this exam is a 500-101 Facebook Certified Marketing Developer certification.

520-101 Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer. The exam assesses technical skills in setting up and debugging Facebook tool integrations through APIs. You must also pass 500-101 Facebook Certified Marketing Developer before taking this exam.

600-101 Facebook Certified Community Manager. The exam assesses competencies in building a community on social networks, developing strategies for audience management and brand building, and making strategic decisions regarding content.

700-101: Facebook Certified Spark AR Creator. The exam assesses skills in creating quality augmented reality products using Spark AR.

Basic Requirements

A good knowledge of English (at least Intermediate) is required to successfully pass the certification. All testing is in English, so to prepare for certification it is also desirable to study materials from Facebook in English.

Certification is valid for a limited time. The validity period of the certificate depends on the type of exam. For example, the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification is valid for 24 months. The Media Buying, Media Planning, Marketing Science and Creative certification is valid for 12 months from the date of certification.

Once it expires, the certification needs to be re-certified. This makes sense: Facebook’s advertising tools are constantly evolving and changing, so it’s important for professionals to keep up with all the changes and keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

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How to prepare for certification: materials and resources

For each exam, Facebook provides all the materials you need to prepare and successfully pass. For example, consider exam 410-101: Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional.

The exam information page includes a list of skills and knowledge you need to have before taking the certification:

There’s also a description of how to take the exam and the rules. It is important to study the rules: a violation can lead to disqualification, which means that the money for the certification will be wasted.

For example, you can not use your phone, tablet or other devices during the exam. You also cannot use a dictionary, other books, notes, etc.

On the exam information page, Facebook offers resources to help you prepare.

The free Facebook Blueprint online courses are highlighted in red in the screenshot:

Click the link to see a selection of courses that will help you get the knowledge you need to prepare for your chosen exam:

You can also download a study guide to prepare for the exam:

A 68-page study guide is available for the Media Buying exam to get all the knowledge you need:

Another important resource is the practice practice test:

You can use it to test your knowledge and prepare for the questions that will be on the actual exam:

If you plan to actively engage in targeting advertising on Facebook – you should definitely take the certification. In preparation, you’ll strengthen your knowledge and understanding of Facebook’s advertising and analytics tools, and having a certification will help open the door to more interesting and profitable projects.

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