Facebook introduced social media content calendar template

Facebook shared guidelines for creating an effective social media content calendar and also showed a basic content calendar template.

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What does the content calendar include?

A content calendar helps you keep in touch with your customers online. Different content calendars work for different purposes, but they all include five key elements. You can schedule social media posts using a template.

The main thing is that the template includes the following sections:

  • date… When will the post be posted?
  • Topic… What is your post about?
  • Description of visual content… One or two short sentences about how the image or video should look in the post.
  • Format… Posts can include images, videos, or both. Decide what content you want to create for a particular post.
  • Platform… Where do you want to post this content (on Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere)?

The template is part of the Facebook Blueprint educational course on how to effectively create a content calendar, you can watch the full course here.

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We will remind, earlier Facebook has forbidden to make closed groups public.

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