Facebook launched a unified app for managing Instagram, Facebook and Messenger accounts

Facebook introduced the Facebook Business Suite app that allows businesses to manage their Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger accounts from a single interface.

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The Facebook Business Suite is currently only launched in the US.

Key features of Facebook Business Suite:

  • work with messages from all three platforms in a single mailbox;
  • notifications about events on company pages – messages, comments and other actions;
  • content creation and delayed publication. Now you can do it through the Creator Studio;
  • launch ads – you can launch ads on Facebook and Instagram at the same time;
  • built-in analytics system – you can see statistics of coverage, interactions and performance of individual publications.

In the future, Facebook plans to add the WhatsApp messenger and the service for creating online stores within the Facebook Shops social network to the Business Suite.

How to use Facebook Business Suite

Once the Business Suite app is available in your region, the first thing to do is link your Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

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Next, go to your Facebook account and open the business page management. After that, you will be automatically redirected to the Business Suite. This will also happen when visiting business.facebook.com on a computer.

If you’re already using the Pages Manager app on your mobile device, you’ll automatically see the option to select Business Suite. You can also download the app for iOS or Android.

The Facebook Business Suite will roll out gradually starting in September and will soon be available in most regions of the world.

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