Facebook launches dynamic ad creatives

A new option “Dynamic creatives” has been added to the Facebook ad account.

This setting item is disabled by default. Let’s figure out how to enable it and set up an advertising campaign with dynamic creatives.

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What are dynamic Facebook creatives and how they work

The principle of dynamic creatives is that the system automatically generates optimized combinations of creatives for a given audience.

You are required to provide background information: headlines, ad text and images. notethat they should all be combined in meaning. The system will combine them in an arbitrary way, choosing the most effective combination.

Dynamic creatives cannot yet be used for ad campaigns that target Messenger messages.

Set up dynamic creatives

We go to the advertising account and create a new advertising campaign. After choosing the target and name, we move to the 2nd step. We chose the goal – “Traffic” and now, after choosing where to direct traffic, you need to enable dynamic creatives.

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After that, we select the audience to which the ads will be shown, display locations (placements) and budget. And let’s move on to creating creatives.

There are 3 ad options for dynamic creatives:

  • one image;
  • video;
  • slide show.

We have chosen the first option. Now we need to select the components for our dynamic creatives. They can consist of 4 ingredients: images, ad title, text and link appearance.


You can select up to 10 different images. To do this, select them from the gallery of already used pictures, or download from your computer.

Announcement text

You can set 5 options for the ad text. The total length should not exceed 1024 characters and the text should not be duplicated.

To load a new version of the text, click the “+ Add” button below the previous one.


You can also add 5 different options. The total length must not exceed 225 characters.

In your headlines, try to convey the most important message or benefit the client will receive.

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Link appearance

Or as it is indicated in the “Description of the link in the news feed” ad account. It is used only not for all placements, so you can skip this item.

Finally, click “Confirm” and send the advertising campaign for moderation.

Don’t forget to track statistics for dynamic creatives and disable ineffective ones.

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