Facebook launches Marketplace ads

Facebook has added a new type of ad placement to the ad cabinet. You can now select Marketplace as the display location for your ads.

The functionality is in the launch stage and may not be available to some users. To check, start creating an advertising campaign and see the placement section.

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We already have a notice that we can use the Marketplace. Therefore, we are figuring out how to set up an ad for a new type of placement.

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How to advertise on the Facebook Marketplace

1. Setting up Facebook ads begins with targeting. And in order for Marketplace placement to become available when creating it, you need to select one of following goals:

  • Traffic lets you choose where you want your traffic to go (website, app, or Messenger).
  • Conversions allows you to promote your site and use the Facebook pixel. (If you don’t already have a pixel, you’ll see instructions for creating one.)
  • Sales by catalog of products allows you to automatically display products from the catalog in your advertisement, selected according to the characteristics of the target audience.
  • Reach allows you to maximize the number of people who see your ad and how often it appears.
  • Video Views – Facebook will serve your ad to the right target audience to get the most video views within 10 seconds or more at the lowest cost.
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2. After choosing the goal of the advertising campaign, proceed to the choice Destinations… In the previous paragraph, we listed the possible variations in accordance with each goal.

3. Then configure targeting: Audience, Interests and Geography.

4. Now go to placement settings… If at this point you leave “Automatic placements”, then the advertisement will be shown including in the Marketplace.

Edit placements

When editing placements, you can turn off some display locations. notethat it is currently impossible to select only Marketplace placement for ads.

five. Show budget and schedule. Finally, decide on an ad budget, set up a schedule for ad impressions, and proceed to creating creatives.

6. Advertisements. For Marketplace advertising, it is recommended to use the same parameters as for News Feed. However, you cannot create separate creatives for the Marketplace.

Recommended image size for single image advertisements: 1,200 x 628 pixels. Aspect ratio: 1.9: 1. Recommended image size for carousel ads: 600 x 600 pixels.

When all the ad settings are complete, click Finish and then Place Order.

As a reminder, Facebook recently announced the possibility of creating ads with a link to WhatsAppand also allowed add “Send message” button to business page publications

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