Facebook Launches Shop and Expands US Instagram Shopping Options

The Facebook Shop is a new place to find and shop for items on the Facebook app. The Facebook Shop will allow people to easily find products from their favorite brands, discover new ones, and shop – all in one place.

In May this year, the Shop section began testing in the United States, and in July, a similar section was launched on Instagram – the Instagram Shop.

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Stores on Facebook and Instagram

Stores on Facebook and Instagram will allow companies to create a single online store that customers can access on both Facebook and Instagram. In the coming weeks, Stores on Facebook and Instagram will become available to all eligible businesses, with new features, messaging and analytics tools. In addition, Instagram ordering options will be expanded for all US businesses and creators.

New functions will allow you to customize the appearance of the store, create product categories and catalogs:

  • There will be new design templates for individual products or product groups in stores.
  • The product collections will be previewed as they are created.
  • Ability to automatically create stores for new sellers.
  • New analytics capabilities in Commerce Manager.
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Connect payment to Instagram

In the coming weeks, all eligible businesses in the US will be able to accept payments via Instagram. This will allow users to make purchases with just a few taps without leaving the app. To accept payment on Instagram, businesses must connect to a store and use Facebook Commerce Manager, Shopify, or BigCommerce.

Facebook will not take any commission on payments on the platform until the end of the year to reduce the cost of doing business online, especially given the current economic crisis.

Customer feedback and sales during live broadcasts

A new in-store messaging button will appear that will allow you to send messages to the seller via Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct.

Customer feedback

Customers will be able to view products right in the chat, making it easy to share products with friends and family for feedback before purchasing. Facebook is currently testing this feature in Messenger and Instagram Direct and will soon be testing it on WhatsApp.

Live Shopping

The Live Shopping function will allow the company to set up and conduct a live broadcast with the presentation of products from its Store, and viewers can immediately checkout. The feature will be available to all Instagram and Facebook businesses in the US.

Previously, Instagram launched QR codes to quickly find accounts, Facebook – a service for paid online events.

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