Facebook updated Business Pages: disabled likes and added new tools

Facebook has introduced a new version of Business Pages, which will make it easier to attract and expand your audience.

The new version will have a clearer design, a separate news feed, the “Like” mark will be replaced by a page subscription, and other management tools will appear.

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Facebook Business Page Updates: What’s New

Simplified design. The appearance of business pages has completely changed. It became easier to switch from a personal to a public page, view descriptions of user profiles, messages.

Separate news feed and new ways to interact… It is now easier to find discussions on the public page, track trends and communicate with subscribers. The feed will suggest new users, other public pages, groups, and popular content. By subscribing to updates of popular pages, you can add news to your feed.

Comments of verified pages will be first in the list… Posts and messages from verified pages and users are now a priority – they will be placed above the comments of other people, i.e. will be more visible in the news feed. You can subscribe to the pages directly in the comments and recommendation posts.

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“Likes” disappeared… Facebook is trying to simplify interactions with public pages, so the main focus is now on subscribers who are waiting for updates and news. It is from them, from living people, that page owners will be able to form an accurate picture of their audience; and “Likes” were removed as an obscure indicator.

New page management tools. Page owners can provide admins with different levels of access to certain tasks: statistics, ads, content, audience activity, messages.

Safety… The social network will also more quickly identify hate speech, incitement to violence, sexual content and other spam.

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