Facebook will add a feed with posts from friends, and the main feed will show mostly recommendations



The social network is trying to make a “TikTok-like” feed to attract younger users.

  • Facebook* will add a “Feeds” tab with posts from friends, groups and people the user has subscribed to, Meta* founder Mark Zuckerberg announced on his social networking page.
  • Publications will be divided into groups – all, only from friends, only from groups and other. You can view them in chronological order.


  • The application will open in a tab, which will now be called “Home”: it will show the content that, in the opinion of the social network, the user may like. Including content from people you don’t know.
  • The feed should be updated in iOS and Android apps around the world within a week, according to Engadget. In the desktop version the changes will appear in a few weeks.
  • In June 2022, The Verge wrote that Facebook wants to make a “TikTok-like” feed. The company wants to attract a young audience this way, because in February it reported the loss of unique Facebook users* for the first time in history.
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