Facebook will prohibit switching “Private” groups to “Public”

Facebook will update its group settings to prevent any group, of any size, from changing its settings from “Private” to “Public” to protect the users of the group.

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The new option will help ensure consistency across all types of Facebook groups – until now, Facebook allowed groups with fewer than 5,000 members to change their privacy settings every 28 days. The new change means that when the group switches to Private, there is no turning back.

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After launching the new feature, if the administrator decides to change the group type from “Public” to “Closed”, he will have 72 hours to cancel the transition.

Main goal: protecting the privacy of group members. In addition, many created closed groups to attract members, and then made the groups open.

New changes will be launched in the coming weeks.

Facebook previously launched a Lead Hub section with ads on business pages.

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