Fall post ideas for Instagram, VK and other social networks


Today you’ll find post ideas for fall, a portion of infomercials that will serve as inspiration for every day’s postings. For convenience, we have divided the list by months: September, October and November.

The list of infopoints consists of holidays, important events in sports, and world movie premieres. There are also examples of successful publications from previous years. Use our ideas to create your own unique content and incorporate it into your content plan.

50 post ideas for the fall

With situational marketing timed to holidays and world events, you can create relevant content. It’s an easy way to increase engagement and attract new subscribers.

Want to know the secret to the success of viral posts on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or Instagram? It lies in the competent selection of the topic and the creation of a suitable post:

  • The infopod should have a wide reach.
  • Be close to the theme of your company.
  • Be of interest to your target audience.

We’ve narrowed it down and conveniently categorized post ideas by month. Just choose, implement and enjoy the results!

Content Plan for September

Pay attention to professional, international, national and joke holidays – they have a high viral effect.

Autumn post.

You can start publishing with a post about fall. Describe what this time of year means to you, what plans or memories are associated with it, why you love or hate this time of year.


  • 10 reasons to love fall;
  • Where is the best mulled wine in your city;
  • Where to go for a fall vacation;
  • a selection of fall movies for the evening;
  • what will be in fashion this fall;
  • what shows to look forward to this fall.
  • Holiday Posting

September 1.

1) Knowledge Day.


  • Holding a cake-making or artificial flower workshop;
  • Presentation of a useful e-book for subscribers;
  • a discount on a course of any theme.

2) The Balzac Holiday.


  • An article with the benefits of adulthood;
  • A post with a list of things to do before you’re 40.

Sept. 5.

1) Player’s Day.


  • Announcements about new games;
  • discounts on keyboard, mouse, headphones and laptops;
  • Your own 2019 game rankings;
  • Top 10 gadgets a gamer needs with the inclusion of your products or partner products.

2) International Philanthropy Day (the date is timed to coincide with the death of Mother Teresa).

Ideas: Doing charity is fashionable and prestigious.

Did you know? According to the latest statistics, one in seven Russians is engaged in charity. On the International Day of Charity you can hold an action with the involvement of volunteers from among your readers and further photo report.

September 7. Day of telling stories about summer travels.

Ideas: The beginning of autumn is a perfect time to share impressions of hot summer vacations. Even those who are not particularly strong in public speaking, essay writing, are ready to share pleasant memories.

It is possible to offer:

  • thematic competition for the best essay on vacation with small but nice prizes;
  • A photo report from the vacation, for example, in a swimsuit from your brand, with a branded sunscreen, a cap, a beer, a mini fridge.
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September 8. International Literacy Day (UN).


  • audio dictation;
  • a competition to find typos in a text;
  • a selection with common mistakes in compound words.

September 9.

1) Graphic Editor Day.


  • A photo or video greeting for artists and graphic artists;
  • launching a themed contest (how about a new company logo?);
  • a selection of useful services;
  • refresher courses.

2) World Beauty Day.

Ideas: World Beauty Day is an initiative of the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology CIDESCO. It is a godsend for hairdressing salons, various salons, manicurists and clothing and cosmetics stores:

  • you can organize holiday concerts;
  • To give a make-up master-class;
  • provide a discount in honor of the holiday;
  • hold a “Miss September” contest;
  • post quotes about physical and spiritual beauty.


September 13. Proverbs and Proverbs Day.


  • Compose an advertising or humorous proverb about your company or the products it provides;
  • Offer subscribers themselves to come up with a proverb about your company – the authors of the most successful variants should be rewarded with a small present or a discount.

Try it! Arrange a creative contest with the choice of the winners judging by the number of likes and reposts. It will increase the subscribers’ activity and attract the attention of potential clients.

September 15. Weight Watchers Day.


  • If we talk about promotional publications, it is important to actively PR healthy food, exercise equipment, sportswear, etc.
  • For informational posts, a selection of tasty, low-calorie recipes, effective diets and exercise complexes are suitable.
    Besides, you can organize a marathon or a city-wide workout in the open air with further highlighting of the event in VKontakte, Instagram or Facebook.

September 19. Smiley Face Birthday.


  • To the birthday of “electronic emotions” is acceptable to time a selection of funny memes, funny pictures;
  • create a post about the fact that graphic images will never be a substitute for a real smile, and real life should be brighter and more important than virtual life.

September 22. Businesswoman’s Day.


  • Time management tips;
  • tips for fast career growth;
  • rules of business dress code.

September 25. International Comic Book Day in the United States.

Ideas: Pictures on social media are very popular, especially those that tell a compelling story. There’s nothing stopping you from coming up with and publishing your own comic strip about a business or product offering.

September 26. European Day of Languages.

Ideas: Even a beautifully framed quote attributed to Emperor Charles V: “A man is only as many times a man as he knows languages. In addition, you can organize an open lesson, an action, a meeting, or a seminar. By the way, UNESCO declared the XXI century the time of polyglots. And 95% of foreign languages are Russian, English, German, French, and Spanish – it is the best to focus on them. Though, it is possible to reverse the trend and tell the audience about rare, unfamiliar languages.

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September 28. Silly Question Day in the U.S.


  • Gather fun themed and branded inquiries about your firm;
  • show the audience a golden collection of funny FAQ-type questions from clients.

Sept. 29. Fall Singles Day.


  • lyrical playlists;
  • poems by classic and contemporary poets.

Important: To optimize your workflow and save your holiday time, use timing. This handy feature allows you to prepare posts in advance for important dates by queuing them up.

Content plan for October

First, let’s talk about the celebrations worthy of your attention.

October 1. International Music Day.

Ideas: Music is a universal option, especially since you can make a selection of songs that, in one way or another, see a connection to the theme of the community.

October 2. Children’s Health Day.


  • Tips on food, drink choices for a child;
  • a selection of devices that can make his life more comfortable;
  • exercises for physical health and proper posture.

October 4. 

1) World Space Week.

Ideas: World Space Week can be devoted to exploring questions about the universe, as well as man’s place in it. In addition to serious topics, fun creatives are welcome, such as drawing an iPhone planet or D&G Dresses.

2) World Animal Day.


  • Publishing photos of kittens, puppies, giraffes and tigers;
  • Conducting flash mobs and actions in defense of our little brothers.

October 5. Teacher’s Day and World Smile Day.

Ideas: Why not combine the two holidays together by creating posts about funny cases at school and non-trivial diary entries? Rest assured that such publications will resonate with readers, who will be happy to share their own childhood memories.

October 14. Birthday of Winnie-the-Pooh.

Ideas: Works about the funny teddy bear have been translated into 25 languages, which shows his unprecedented popularity. This literary character from the stories of Alan Milne is a worthy hero and an inspiration for creating interesting content.

October 16. Chief’s Day (Boss Day).


  • A selection of motivators;
  • useful books;
  • an article describing the important qualities a successful boss needs.

October 20. World Statistics Day.

Ideas: Dip your subscribers into the world of numbers – the number of successful deals, positive feedback, employees, years of work. In order not to bore your readers, try to dilute dry data with a note of humor, make it lively. A good helper in this case will be an interesting design of company statistics.

October 23. Day of advertising workers.


  • unusual logos;
  • funny outdoor advertising;
  • creative sales texts from online stores.

Tip! It is important not only to publish engaging posts, but also to analyze their effectiveness. So you will understand which techniques are the most effective, in what way it is better to create materials. A good result – the rapid growth of subscribers and likes, that is, an increase in sales and attention to the product. For a more accurate measurement, you can use SMM services for analytics.

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October 28. Grandparents’ Day, International Animation Day.

Ideas: Residents of 30 countries pay a tribute to the older generation on this day – why shouldn’t your social networking community join this glorious tradition? By the way, you can combine both holidays by posting an animated greeting for grandparents.

Oct. 31. Halloween.


  • A review of spooky souvenirs for All Saints’ Day;
  • picking out costumes for the holiday;
  • photos with tips for decorating the house;
  • peculiarities of the party;
  • a contest for the best pumpkin selfies;
  • themed survey.

Content plan for November

As is tradition, let’s start with the holidays.

November 3. World Men’s Day.

Ideas: The date is for greetings to the stronger half of mankind, themed discounts and promotions (especially if this is your target audience). Is the community geared toward women? Then tell them what to please their son, brother, boyfriend, husband and father – they will probably be grateful for your useful recommendations.

November 4.  Self-Care Day.

Ideas: Self-Care Day is a holiday with a touch of selfishness. Well, it’s not for nothing that love for others begins with love for yourself. Promote on this day pleasant little things and dream upgrades, talk about simple ways to pamper yourself, have fun in your leisure time.

November 5. A day of looking at old photos.


  • Invite subscribers to share pictures they’ve taken before;
  • Post your own old photos;
  • Post the first photos of your products;
  • Tell a photo story of your company’s development.

November 10. Black-and-white movie viewing day.


  • You can make the group’s decorations monochrome for 24 hours,
    create a selection of movies not burdened with bright colors, but filled with real emotions.

November 11. World Shopping Day.


  • Special offers with discounted prices;
  • current products from other online stores.

November 13. World Kindness Day.

Ideas: On this day exactly 20 years ago the first conference of the World Kindness Movement took place. In Russia, the holiday with the official symbol in the form of an open heart began to be celebrated in 2009. World Kindness Day is another reason to give your followers smiles and presents, to inspire them to do good and help their neighbors.

Nov. 25.  World Discount Day Black Friday.


  • Delight your subscribers with grand discounts on your products;
  • Share links to products with attractive price tags at other online stores.


Nov. 27. Black Cat Day.

Ideas: It’s not necessary to create posts with photos of the adorable object of countless superstitions and a list of beliefs – you can do something more original: put a black cat in the community in the form of a brand face or a cute chat-bot.

Tip: If you often use event marketing to promote your company’s profile, add holiday hashtags to such posts. In this case, subscribers will find it easier to find the material they want, and there’s also a chance to get into a popular search.

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