Finzhir: may there always be money for unforeseen circumstances

Finzhir: may there always be money for unforeseen circumstances

January 24, 2020

Finzhir: may there always be money for unforeseen circumstances

It is not uncommon for anyone when at one moment you need to pay for a communal apartment, the services of a tutor with whom a child is engaged, to repair a car, etc. Salaries may not be enough for all these expenses, so you have to look for where to get additional funds. Prudent people who think about the future prefer to quickly solve financial difficulties on their own. That is why they invest their free resources in the Finzhir credit consumer cooperative

Credit cooperative: what is it and what are the benefits for the shareholder

The CPC is a voluntary association of those who want to increase their capital. Savings do not generate income if they are kept at home, and money is also depreciated. It is easy to increase savings: invest and receive monthly (or at the end of the term) income as a percentage (up to 10.5% per annum), as Svetlana, the mother of a first-grader, did.

She knew that there would be no salary increase over the next year, and the prices of stationery, textbooks and other school supplies were rising. Therefore, the woman invested 500,000 rubles for a period of 15 months. Svetlana chose a monthly income payment (6.5% per annum – 2,708 rubles). She spends this money on minor expenses, which is very convenient.

Finzhir: may there always be money for unforeseen circumstances

The main benefit of investing in KPC Finzhir in Kazan is a high percentage of profitability (up to 10.5% per annum). In addition, the Finzhir PDA is an absolutely safe way to make money work for you:

  • The cooperative is regulated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • Credit cooperative Finzhir is a partner of the large regional developer Unistroy, which testifies to its reliability and stability.
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How to become a member of a cooperative

If you want to earn passively and be confident in future financial stability, become a member of the CCP. For membership you only need a passport, SNILS, TIN, application, registration in Kazan, Vysokogorsk, Zelenodolsk districts of Tatarstan.

Profitability calculatorposted on the website of the Finzhir cooperative will help you visually see the amount of income and interest. Receive monthly income and be able to pay for unexpected expenses. Participation in the PDA is a unique opportunity to passively earn impressive sums.

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