Five gamification techniques can help attract subscribers and increase engagement on social networks.


The question that will always remain the most important in social networks is how to attract subscribers and increase engagement. Here are 5 techniques that we successfully use and recommend to our clients:

Fake Search


A hot topic on social networks. Everybody wants to play detective. So here’s what we do: we write a few facts, one of which is a fake, and offer our subscribers to find it. No matter where you post such content: stories, posts, clips, Reels – all will do.

Find the Differences

Post two identical photos, making changes to one of them in advance (designer helps you out). Offer to find all the changes for a BONUS. This will spur your subscribers on!

Personal prize for a comment

Gamification concept. Integrating game mechanics into website or app design. Customer engagement. Idea of competition. Isolated flat vector illustration

A promo code, a discount or a bonus – anything will do! Just make the conditions clear. For example, “write a comment – get a personal prize in your direct. This works. Verified!

Ask the director

This theme rocked our mall account well. But you can use it in any large company’s public forum.


Bloggers actively use this technique. Make an intriguing post and announce that in the next post (or stories) you will tell when there will be a sale / the only discount in the year / change the range / delivery superultra new products… And disappear for a couple of hours (some disappear for 24 hours), see how your audience will behave.

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