Five ways to download an Instagram Reel easily


Instagram has recently launched new features such as the ability to share a post with a tap, to make charitable donations through Reels, to be able to tag products to any user… But there is a historical request from users, that of downloading a Reel from Instagram, that doing it from the app directly is impossible.

There are several safe and fast methods that allow you to download a Reel without complications.

However, there are alternative options to download the Reel you like the most without having to complicate your life. In this sense, we are going to explain five methods that you can use with both your iOS and Android mobile to download the Reel you want from Instagram.

Online download programs

This is an excellent option because you won’t have to download any app or software. In addition, you will save the Reels without watermarks or restrictions. Right now, the best programs out there for this job are Instadp, InstaFinsta and Reels Downloader (InstaVideoSave).

In all cases, open the Instagram Reel you want to download. Press on the three dots icon in the lower right corner and click on “Copy link”. Now choose any of the three programs we recommend, click on “Reels” and paste the link you copied.

Select the “Download” button to save the Instagram Reel to your mobile or computer.

Dedicated apps

Through apps you will be able to download an Instagram Reel without having to search for a program in the browser. The most popular ones are Reels Saver and Video downloader for Instagram. Download the application of your choice and give it each of the permissions it asks for. Copy the link of the Reel you want to download, paste it and choose “Download”.

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If you just want to save the Reel for future use, just bookmark it in the Instagram app. To do this, open the Reel you want to save, click on the three dots and click on “Save” to add it to your Instagram library.

To find the saved Reel, go to the “Profile screen” – click on the three-bar icon (top left corner) – “Saved” – “All posts”. There you will access all the Reels you have saved.

Downloading Reels with sound

This method will serve to download an Instagram Reel that you have not published. To do this you will have to create a list of “Close Friends” and use Stories to download it.

Log in to Instagram and go to your profile. Press the menu icon and select “Close friends”. Now add one or more friends and then generate a Reel.

After making the Reel, click on “Preview” and click on “Next” to enter “Share”. Choose “Stories” and click on “Share” with “Nearby friends”.

Go to the Instagram home screen and enter your Story. The Reel you produced will be published as a Story, now press on the three dots icon and choose “Save video”. You will then be able to download an Instagram Reel with audio. Once this process is finished, you can delete the Story if you wish.

Download via Stories

This is an easy trick, it makes it possible to download an Instagram Reel using Stories.

Open the Instagram Reels video and click on the “Send” icon. Select the “Add Reel to your Story” option. A preview will appear. If you want to download the Reel in full screen, you will need to zoom in. Now click on “Download” and you’re done.

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