Form “Collection of applications” in VKontakte: how to set up correctly and how to use

The “Application collection” form in VK allows you to set up advertising with payment for leads.

The collection of VKontakte applications can be used to offer participation in an event, sign up for a beauty salon or a trial period. After filling out the application by the user, you will receive his contact information in private messages, by mail or in your CRM.

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Benefits of bid collection advertising

The format of advertising for leads has long been present on Instagram and Facebook, and its appearance has long been brewing on VK. At the moment, we can highlight the following advantages of this type of advertising:

  • when interacting with the form, the data does not need to be filled in – they will be loaded automatically from the profile, including the name, phone number or email;
  • an increase in the conversion rate – all actions take place within the social network, so there is no need to take unnecessary actions and go to the site;
  • convenient system for processing applications – new requests can be received in private messages, by mail or in a CRM system;
  • flexible customization – you can customize the answer in a free form, choice of several options or in a regular format;
  • audience collection – specify the VK pixel to collect retargeting audience and collect everyone who interacted with your ad for the subsequent display of promotional posts.
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How to set up advertising Collecting applications on VKontakte

Now let’s talk about how to set up an advertisement with a lead form to collect applications directly from VKontakte.

Step 1. Go to your ad account and click “Create ad”.

Step 2. Select the type of advertising record “Collection of applications” and click “Create record”. Please note that when you create a Collect Claims ad, the Claim Collector will automatically be added to your community.

Step 3. Next, you need to select a community on behalf of which an advertising record with a form will be created and in the window that opens, click “Add form”.

Add the VK form

Step 4. Let’s move on to creating the form itself. First, choose a name.

Step 5. Title and description. Here you need to fill in 3 main fields:

  • Title (up to 60 characters) – will be displayed when the form is displayed.
  • Cover (image 1200 x 300 pixels).
  • Description (up to 600 characters) – a short description of what the user will receive when filling out the form.

The changes will be immediately displayed in the right column with the form.

Form title and description

Step 6. Questions. You can choose one of the standard options as form fields and create your own question.

Step 7. privacy policy… We insert a link to the privacy policy of your company, which reflects the purpose for which you collect personal data, how you store, process and delete.

If you have a website, there should be such a document. If you only have a VKontakte group, then create a privacy policy, upload it to the community documents and provide a link to it.

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Step 8. The confirmation. We write the text that will be seen by the user who filled out the form. Additionally, you can specify a link to a site or a group.

Step 9. Settings. We indicate where will the data from the application come: to mail, to private messages, or there and there. And also whether users can fill out the form more than once.

In the end, we go up to the beginning and in the upper right corner we press “Save the form”.

Step 10. Create an ad with a form… After creating the form, a window will open with all your forms and next to each there will be a button “Create ad”.

Create an ad with a form in VK

After that, we create a regular ad, where when you click on the link, a lead form will open.

How to use lead form ads

An ad with a lead collection form is perfect if the goal of your ad campaign is:

  • collection of a subscription base;
  • attracting customers to participate in the promotion;
  • collection of applications for a free consultation, a preliminary cost estimate or a call back;
  • promoting a trial lesson, master class or event.


It is convenient for interested clients to fill out the form. It is adapted for mobile devices and does not require manual data entry for some fields. Users send their contact information, and you just have to process the received requests.

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