Free parser for VKontakte communities

For advertising to be effective, it must be made as targeted as possible. People are more willing to respond to offers that meet their interests. Therefore, tools for collecting data and setting targeting are so actively used, allowing you to show advertising messages only to the target audience.

How to gather communities with a target audience?

The capabilities of social networks allow you to target potential customers. However, first you need to find those who may be interested in the advertising message, find out their profiles on the social network, collect contacts of specific people in order to upload the resulting database to the advertising account and show targeted advertising.

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There are two types of collection – manually and using services (community parsers). Let’s look at their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of manual and automatic (using services) parsing

Great data collection solution – a free tool from to select communities with your target audience “Parser of VKontakte communities”… With its help, you can quickly find large and small communities according to the criteria you need.

How the community parser from works

The community parser allows you to find VKontakte groups with a target audience similar to the group you have selected.

Step 1. Selection of criteria

  • Find in the parser window communities near buttons “Add task” field for entering the address of the group, whose target audience (CA) suits you. You can add your own group or a competitor’s group that has more followers.
  • Make sure to automatically fill in the field below with words that match the content of the group. For example, if the group is about marketing, then the words “Google”, “Promotion”, “Metrics”, “Marketing”, etc. will probably appear in the word list.
  • Complete the list of keywords or remove unnecessary ones. Use the negative keyword field to narrow your search and focus only on real leads.
Parser setup (step 1)
  • Use subscriber and intersection scales as needed. A scale with the number of subscribers helps to cut off unpopular or overly inflated groups whose target audience is not interesting to you. And the scale with the number of intersections makes it possible to cut off the groups that already have your subscribers.
Parser settings options

Step 2. Formation of the list of communities

  • After specifying all the parameters, click the “Match Groups” button. Your project will appear in the “Task List” section.
  • Wait for the red status “In progress” to turn green “Ready”. You can now view a list of groups with similar audiences to yours. To do this, download it in * .XLSX format or open the list in a browser.
Task list

The report shows groups, number of subscribers, number of intersections, group type. The community parser will give you a lot of good options. You will see, no brainstorming session will provide such a wide list of communities with similar topics.

  • Remove inappropriate communities. Save the rest in excel format and use for targeting.
Choice of communities

As a result, you have an up-to-date complete database of communities with an audience that best suits your requirements. You can start recruiting leads manually or using the free tool “Parser for VKontakte users“.

Affiliate reward users can receive affiliate rewards for attracting users to conduct contextual and targeted advertising. Advertising campaigns should be targeted only at desktop computers, mobile companies are not included in the calculation.

Partner can be any agency or marketer. There are three types of rewards at once:

Standard… It is credited to the balance of the master account and is available for withdrawal. The more expenses on contextual and targeted advertising in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, myTarget, the higher the partner percentage:

  • from 0 to 20 tr. – 1 %
  • from 20 to 50 tr. – 4 %
  • from 50 tr. – 8 %

Bonus… It is credited to the balance of the user account from which targeted advertising is placed. These funds can be used in new advertising campaigns. The higher the ad spend, the higher the bonus. The minimum bonus is 7%, the maximum is 27%.

Payments are cumulative so that partners can receive up to 35% of the turnover for targeted advertising.

ReferralIt is credited for attracting new users to This is absolutely passive income: you do not run advertising campaigns, but receive your bonus from earning your referrals. Referral program conditions read on our website. Basic principle: the more income the user attracted by you receives, the more reward you receive.

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