Free parser for VKontakte users

You already know, how to build communities VKontakte using the free parser. We will tell you how to collect data from those users who are really interested in the goods or services of your company using another tool – the VKontakte user parser.

Let’s say you have a list with a database of suitable groups where your potential buyers’ audience “dwells”. But how to weed out unnecessary and only target users? Indeed, among the users there are probably:

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  1. Your subscribers… People who are already in your group and receive your ad. There is no point in acting on them in any other way.
  2. Bots… Advertising for bots is a waste of money and energy.
  3. Inactive users… Those who don’t like, don’t comment, don’t repost community posts are unlikely to be of interest to you. You can also target such users, but it is more effective to influence active users.

Using parser for VKontakte users, you can easily (and for free) collect even narrow audiences of 100, 50, 10 people.

How it works

Step 1. Determine the search circle

  • In the main window of the VKontakte users parser, insert the addresses of the selected communities or upload an excel table with a list of groups. Exclude groups that don’t need to be considered an audience.
  • Indicate the level of user activity, the number of likes and comments for a month / week / day.
  • Specify the number of times the user has entered other groups so that the same profile will not be parsed multiple times.
  • Click Start Pick.
Interface of the tool “Parser of VKontakte users”

Step 2. Audience selection

  • Make sure that your project appears in the “List of tasks” section of the VK users’ partner. It will be displayed on a separate line.
  • Wait for the red status “In progress” to turn green “Ready”. Now you can see the list of users that you can target. To do this, download it in * .XLSX format or open the list in a browser.
Audience selection

The ready-made table contains the profiles of the audience that suits you, and also shows their activity.

  • If necessary, delete unnecessary users, and then save the excel table to upload it to the VKontakte or myTarget advertising account.
a list of users

With the help of a free scraper for VKontakte users, you can quickly and inexpensively select a target audience that may be interested in your ad. Target only your potential users to make your ad campaign as effective as possible!

Affiliate bonuses

Clients can receive a partner reward for attracting users to conduct contextual and targeted advertising in Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, myTarget.

Any agency or marketer can become a partner. We offer three types of payments at once.

Standard remuneration, which is credited to the balance of the master account for conducting contextual and / or targeted advertising. You can consider this reward as earnings and withdraw it in any convenient way, or return it back to your balance to launch new advertising campaigns. The more advertising costs, the higher the affiliate percentage:

  • from 0 to 20 tr. – 1%
  • from 20 to 50 tr. – 4%
  • from 50 tr. – 8%

Bonus reward… It is credited to the balance of the user account from which targeted advertising is placed (except contextual). You can invest these funds in new advertising campaigns, with significant savings. The higher the ad spend, the higher the bonus:

  • from 0 to 100 tr. – 0%
  • from 100 to 500 tr. – 7%
  • from 500 tr. up to 1 million rubles – 12%
  • from 1 million rubles up to 7 million rubles – 22%
  • from 7 million rubles – 27%

Payments are cumulative so that partners can receive up to 35% of their advertising turnover.

Referral reward… It is credited for attracting new users to This is absolutely passive income: you do not run advertising campaigns, but receive your bonus from earning your referrals. Referral program conditions read on our website. Basic principle: the more income the user attracted by you receives, the more reward you receive.

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