Frequently asked questions on Instagram: what it is and how to set it up

Recently, the “Frequently Asked Questions” tool for private messages became available on Instagram. Frequently asked questions are shown at the beginning of the chat with your account. No more than 4 questions can be asked.

Let’s figure out how to set up frequently asked questions on Instagram and what questions to do depending on the type of account.

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How to enable and configure frequently asked questions on Instagram: step by step instructions

Please note that the Frequently Asked Questions feature is only available for Professional Accounts: Author and Business Account. To activate it, follow our instructions.

Step 1… Open your account settings and select “Company” (or “Author” if you have an author account).

Step 2… Next, click “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Quick questions for Direct

Step 3… If you do this for the first time, an information window will open, where at the bottom you need to click “Configure”.

Setting up frequently asked questions

If you want to add a new question, then under the previously added questions, click “Add question”.

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How to add a new question

Step 4… Enter your question text. Length no more 80 characters with spaces

How to add a question for Direct on Instagram

For the company these can be questions like: Do you have delivery? What’s the cost now? What are your opening hours?

For blogger: What are the terms of cooperation? How much does advertising in Stories cost?

Finally, click “Save”.

Step 5… On the page with all the frequently asked questions, at the very top, move the slider to the on position.

All questions

Now, when a person first wants to write to you in Direct, they will display frequently asked questions to choose from. As you remember, there can be no more than four of them.

Frequently asked questions in Direct Instagram

In addition to frequently asked questions, do not forget to set up quick replies in Yandex.Direct, which will be the answers to these questions.

What questions to make?

To determine the questions that will be automatically offered to the user, analyze your correspondence with clients in Yandex.Direct and select the questions that are most common. Then just add according to the instructions above. Here are examples of what these questions might be.

For the company:

  • Is there a delivery?
  • How much is a bouquet of 25 roses?
  • How long do you work?

For blogger:

  • How much does an ad in a post cost?
  • How much does advertising in Stories cost?
  • Can I work with you on a barter basis?

Also, if you see that there are new questions that have begun to be asked more often, then do not forget to change them in the settings.

Previously, Instagram began testing the “Close Friends” filter in private messages, and there were also ad personalization settings.

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