Fresh trends in TikTok: new popular hashtags and challenges

With the help of fashion trends in TikTok, you can promote your account for free. To do this, you just need to track the latest trends and shoot high-quality videos for them. To get a lot of views, adopt the format and topics that fit the characteristics of your account and the interests of the target audience.

In today’s article, you will find a selection of new TikTok trends with ideas and examples of content.

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December TikTok Trends

Ready to tackle the most interesting and popular hashtags / challenges? Let’s start right now.


At the time of this writing, this hashtag has gained 117.7 million views.

The essence of the challenge is to shoot a video and demonstrate your knowledge on any topic.

An important advantage of this trend is its versatility: it is suitable for personal and commercial accounts of any subject. Under the hashtag, you can find tutorials on drawing, makeup, playing musical instruments and computer repair, as well as life hacks that can make your life more convenient and enjoyable.

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New challenge I can make on TikTok

The perfect trend for athletes and fitness brands. Videos showing their athletic abilities and achievements are published under the hashtag. These videos have already collected 113.8 million views.

#where I live

New popular hashtag where I am

Under this hashtag, tiktokers share videos about their house, summer cottage and different rooms. Some users review hotels, their universities, and even their place of work. Thus, the trend opens up wide horizons for self-expression, practically without limiting the flight of your imagination. Already now # where I am has collected 63.3 million views.

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Hashtag magic before after in Tik Tok

Challenge allows you to show the magic of transformation, that is, “before” and “after” any action. This is a great way to visually demonstrate the benefits of your product / service. For example, you can make a video about how a girl looked before contacting a stylist and how she changed after that. Show the site before and after the rebranding or cleaning the room before and after buying your vacuum cleaner – it all depends on your topic and goals.

Videos under the hashtag gained 61.6 million views.

#order a star

Challenge from muztv in Tik Tok order a star

MUZ TV has launched a challenge contest at TikTok, which allows the winner to get on a Russian music TV channel and receive a New Year’s gift from a star personally. To do this, you need to record a video of the dance to the hit of any performer. Thus, you can not only get into the “Recommendations”, but also win a meeting with an idol.

Content under the hashtag has collected 53.4 million views.

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#film image

Challenge image from the movie at TikTok

Challenge has 52.6 million views. Video parodies of films, TV series and clips are published under this tag. The task of tiktokers is to show the image of the chosen hero as accurately as possible and make him recognizable.

# sent a message

New challenge at Tik Tok received a message

This hashtag is now at its peak of popularity, the videos under it have gained more than 38 million views. The demand for the challenge is partly due to its versatility. The owner of any profile in TikTok can enter their topic in the hashtag framework. You just need to shoot a video and share your story with a specific sound and tag.

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#this is really fashionable

The new hashtag on Tik Tok is not fashionable

The organizers of the challenge invite everyone to tell what (in their opinion) is fashionable now and what is not. Although most videos with this hashtag are, in one way or another, related to the beauty sphere, other topics can be entered here. For example, you can show trends in interior design, SMM or printing.

At the time of this writing, this hashtag has collected 26.6 million views.


Use the trends described above and make your TikTok videos popular. We also recommend publishing content at the same time so that users are waiting for new videos and are as active as possible. To do this, you should set up auto-posting in the ToTop Tool program – this way you will adhere to the content plan in any situation.

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