From sales through VK to SMM-agency and international franchise

The editors of our site interviewed Marat Minkin. Agency founder AGENCY MEDIA MARKETING

Marat, tell us how it all began? How did you start making money on social media?

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– It all started with a legend. In grade 7-8, a friend and I came up with a story that his brother serves on the border with China and sends us Chinese tea. And they themselves bought this tea in the market from the Chinese. They took popular varieties and sold them with a margin of 500%. Even then, we used SMM and sold through VKontakte thematic groups.

How did it grow into something more serious?

– I and my partners had a night club in Kazan. Promotion was necessary and we invited an SMM person to the club for advertising. After the meeting, he proposed to us. A very expensive offer, as it seemed then. I wondered why a product that essentially has no cost is so expensive. It was at this moment that my serious interest arose.

I started to get involved, went to study, delved into and about a month later I found my first client on my own! I found a client on the Internet, he was not even from my city, and closed him for the promotion of social networks. Attraction of subscribers, activity, likes and so on. At that time, everything was more primitive. Then some money fell on the card. Although, at that time, I already had a business, I still did not get money so easily.

When did you realize it was time to scale?

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– One of my clients became a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. We promoted it, it was a great experience. He invited me to be his assistant and I moved to Moscow. Already in Moscow, I began to continue developing the direction as a full cycle agency. The first international cases appeared. Soon, like many, faced with the problem of growth. They fanned the staff up to 100 people! Then they fired 50% at a time … A large company does not mean successful!

How are things now?

– Today agencies of 5-6 people who love their job earn good money. This is our model that proved to be the most successful, on which we stopped and began to copy it for our partners.

What is this model? A little more detail, please.

– We took our agency as a basis and made franchise of SMM agency “AGENCY MEDIA MARKETING”… Now our network of agencies is successfully operating in such cities as Moscow, Kazan, Chicago (USA), Brest (Belarus), Prague (Czech Republic), Chania (Greece). At the stage of opening 3 more branches.

What are the benefits of a franchise when starting a business?

– Obviously, a franchise is a well-established business process, a quick start and an exit to payback in a few months.

What services does your agency provide?

– Our main focus is SMM, but we also provide a full range of digital marketing services.

Who usually turns to you for services?

– We only work with business. But for 7 years the clients of our company were both small shops in clothes on Instagram and large transnational holdings like Hyundai.

What goals have you set for yourself for the foreseeable future? Where would you like to come with this project?

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– Plans for the next 5 years, this is a network of 100 cities and 12 countries, with a turnover of over 1 billion rubles.

To advise those who start working in this direction?

– Do not be afraid to start and act.

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