Funny riddles from Tik Tok in 2021 with a catch and answers

Riddles from Tik Tok – a new way of entertainment on the social network. In 2021, the platform became popular for downloading. Many users create accounts and shoot videos. These clips are often entertaining. Page owners showcase skills and talents. Dance tutorials are especially appreciated. A person performs movements in 15 seconds. The more views on the page, the higher the account is in the TOP. The promoted pages make money from advertising. They use ways to promote their profile. Riddles are considered one of the novelties in Tik Tok. Bloggers pose puzzles to the audience. Most often, such posts are positively evaluated by viewers. Views bring results.

Riddles from Tik Tok with a trick and answers


The puzzles are often tricky. They have an unpredictable outcome that not everyone can guess. The riddles from Tik Tok are quite old and vulgar. Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect your child from such content. Now they also publish funny and funny puzzles with memes. They are shared more often. Popular collections can be found on public pages and in chats. In addition, information is freely available on the Internet. Find a new puzzle to surprise your audience. We guarantee the public will appreciate and be interested in such a post. Popular puzzles on the platform about:

  • umbrella;
  • tea;
  • thread;
  • you brake or gas;
  • shower;
  • who is higher than the king;
  • vulgar.

About umbrella

puzzle about the umbrella

There are many variations of this puzzle. There are options for more children, as well as those designed for 18+. Current versions: “Before the case – hanging, during the case – standing, at the end – wet.” “Another option is to roll the wedge, unfold the pancake, reveals itself in the rain, but hides you.” Conduct an experiment on subscribers. Suggest options and see the reaction. More often, overgrown puzzles collect more likes and comments.

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riddle about tea

There are also many different options for tea. The most popular version is “Black, hot, and everyone loves.” In addition, on the site you will also find such lines “A mixture of leaves and flowers, brewed and … ready.”


thread riddle

One of the most popular thread topics. Search the internet for a variety of snippets. Popular lines “There is in the ball, but there is in the coil, there is even a needle eye”.

Are you brake or gas

A similar joke has been “walking” on the network for several years. We often see the phrase in the comments. There is no definite answer to the puzzle. Everyone comes up with a personal version.


If you see on the platform the line “Now cold, now hot, now hanging, now standing”, then we are talking about a shower. There are a lot of similar puzzles.

Who is higher than the king

mystery who is higher than the king

There are different ways to answer the puzzle. First, let’s remember a deck of cards. Ace or joker always stands above the king.


The most vulgar puzzles are collected on special sites. Often they touch on the same thing. Such riddles do not have vulgar answers. Therefore, in order to find out the answer, you have to think.

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