Gallery in Yandex Zen: how to make and publish. +8 tips for creating a gallery

Gallery in Yandex.Zen is a publication consisting of pictures and captions to them. We can say that the galleries have replaced narratives. The gallery format is convenient for readers in that it can be viewed directly in the Zen feed without opening a channel.

Let’s figure out how to make a gallery in Zen, for what types of publications to use and what to publish in them.

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How to make a gallery in Yandex Zen: step by step instructions

Before you start, you need to describe the feature of the “Gallery” format.

The gallery can only be created from a mobile device and they are also visible only on mobile devices. The gallery cannot be commented on or promoted for bonus impressions.

Technical requirements:

  • up to 10 pictures;
  • picture size up to 30 MB;
  • picture description up to 1000 characters with spaces;
  • supports emoji and clickable links.

Important: For those users who have connected channel monetization in Zen, one ad unit will appear in galleries of five or more screens. Shorter galleries do not show ads. At the same time, monetization of galleries is not yet available to all authors.

And now let’s move on to the instructions: a short video on how to quickly add a gallery and further, the same instruction in the form of text.

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Step 1… Open Zen Editor in the mobile app. Click on the plus sign in the middle of the screen at the bottom and select “Gallery”.

Step 2… Add several pictures at once or upload one at a time – press “Media Library”. The loaded picture is automatically cropped to a square. You can change the cropping area if necessary.

How to add photo to gallery in Zen

Pictures in the gallery can be swapped. To do this, click the picture and drag it to the desired location.

Step 3… Add a description for each picture. As a reminder, the description should not exceed 1000 characters, you can use emojis and links.

How to add a description and link to the gallery

If you leave a description for only one picture, then the text will be the same for all gallery screens.

Step 4… In the upper right corner of the Editor, click “Next”. We will go to the next screen, where you can adjust the publication date and indicate whether the publication mentions alcohol or tobacco.

How to publish a gallery in Yandex.Zen

In the end, click “Publish” and the publication will go to check. Moderation
lasts from several minutes to several hours. It depends on the amount of materials sent for publication at the same time as yours.

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How to change or remove a gallery

Editing… To change the gallery move the card to the left and click “Edit”. Make the changes you want and click Publish in the right corner.

Please note that the changes made will not affect the collection of statistics, the “age” of the gallery and its display in the recommendation feed.

Deleting… To remove the gallery, move the card to the left and click on the trash can icon.

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A deleted gallery cannot be restored.

Zen Gallery Guidelines

Finally, we offer some tips for using the format in Zen.

  1. The gallery must match the theme of the channel.
  2. To make beautiful slides, use the services of a designer or do it yourself in Canva.
  3. Choose topics that are not tied to a specific date – such content stays relevant longer.
  4. Stick to the “One Screen, One Thought” rule.
  5. Use specific language, not general phrases. The best works are publications that answer the question “how” – how to educate, decide, do, forget and others.
  6. Images must be of the same resolution and size.
  7. Write a concise but meaningful headline that encourages reading.
  8. At the end, add a link to your social networks or website. Explain where the link leads. For example, “I post more interesting things on my Instagram.”


If you work with Zen, then we recommend not to ignore the “Gallery” format, but rather use it to the fullest! With it, you can be creative, test various hypotheses, and who knows, maybe galleries will become the main format on your channel.

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