Games for Instagram followers: 10 ideas for posts and stories

We have prepared a selection of ideas for creating game content. Games for Instagram followers are needed to increase reach and engage users in interaction with you.

Gaming content on Instagram as a trend appeared due to the drop in organic reach and a new principle ranking posts in the feed… Rebus, predictions, puzzles, quests – all this is game content.

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The goal is to get a reaction from the audience by comment, like or share. Thus, the more engagement the game posts have, the more coverage the next posts will receive and the more often they will be shown first in the feed of your subscribers.

In our selection you will find game ideas for posts and for Stories. You can adapt any of the options to your account and include in content plan for a month

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Games for Instagram subscribers in posts

1. Contest of activity through the GAMIFER service

With the help of GAMIFER, you can launch an activity contest among your subscribers. For the comments left under the posts, the participants are awarded points and displayed in the leaderboard, available to everyone by the link. You can set the size of points for this or that type of comment yourself (the first comment under the post, the reply to someone else’s comment and a regular comment), set the minimum number of words that must be contained in a comment. All this service will track, filter and take into account automatically.

You just need to set up a competition and figure out how the winner will be determined. For example, gifts can be received by those who by the end of the competition will score the most points. Or one or another prize can be exchanged for a certain number of points. In this case, you simply manually write off this number of points, and the player can continue to accumulate them for another prize. This is a cool mechanic that will ensure the growth of engagement and the number of comments under posts from your own subscribers.

Plus, the service has a small analytics of the overall activity in the account, an overall rating of the most active commentators of all time and mini-games that can be activated for a single post. Mini-games work according to a pre-written scenario. For example, you guess some word in a post, and the service chooses a winner among those who answered correctly in the comments and automatically adds prize points to the rating table.

But the most important thing is the Gamifer service works through the official Facebook API… This means that using it is absolutely safe for your account, since the service has been tested by Facebook for compliance with all the rules of the social network. You just connect to the Gamifer app through your Facebook account and that’s it – you don’t need to login through Instagram. Definitely worth a try, especially since the test 3 days are credited for free. Register and try it now >>>

2. Rebus or “Guess”

You publish a picture with your chosen Emoji in the form of a rebus, and the user must solve the puzzle. With the help of emoticons, you can encrypt your favorite movies, books, TV shows, flowers.

There are more than a hundred different emoticons on the Internet that allow you to make countless combinations. To engage your audience, approach the problem with humor.

Rebus on Instagram

You can use not only emoticons! Take a photo of several items or merchandise, sign every significant detail, and start the game. In this case, of course, you need to take care of the composition. You can encrypt a phrase from a movie or poem.

Important: Creative games for subscribers to increase engagement are far from the main guarantee of success, the quality of your audience is also important. To analyze subscribers in all parameters and remove garbage, use the service InstaHero.

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Audience quality checkIn addition, using the service, you can increase the coverage of stories, profile traffic and engagement. Try InstaHero for free >>>

3. Compose a phrase.

Invite your audience to describe themselves, your business, any field of activity. You need to choose the option corresponding to the name or date of birth. The result will be a phrase that needs to be left in the comment.

Make up a phrase game

The answers are always funny. And it won’t take much time to prepare, or you can use ready-made pictures.

PS An interesting question is the key to the success of the game!

4. Post acquaintance.

Write 10 or 20 facts about the company or product, of which make a few facts false. Even more interesting will be the facts about the director or any other employee. Subscribers will have to guess which of the facts about you is actually not true.

Game facts about meTry to select information that your subscribers might not know about. For example, the publication of the @browachka account got into the TOP by hashtag, having only 2300 subscribers.

Post-dating will increase the level of trust in you. For some, you open up the other side.

PS Don’t be afraid to tell people about yourself. The more interesting the facts, the more activity.

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5. Quests.

Very difficult to organize, but insanely fascinating thing.

The audience is familiar with the task and answers the question. Using the hashtag, it moves to the next stage and responds again. The subscriber travels from one post to another. It’s great when there are multiple lines of plot development, so it gets even more interesting.

Quests on Instagram

The game will require: create several additional accounts or involve friends, come up with several storylines and unique hashtags, publish posts.

Bonus: Screenshot prediction.

A small video is being made. The video consists of pictures with predictions. Each slide changes rapidly. You can use any phrases: “meeting the new year in a cap”, “need rest”, “stop sticking to Instagram”, “change your image.” You can think of anything and on any topic!

The game mechanism is very simple – the user watches the video and stops at any second, sees the prediction and writes it in the comments.

Prediction game for Instagram

PS Predictions must be kind! We do this to attract audiences, not upset.

Games for Instagram Stories

6. Game “Control me”.

Let your followers manage your activities throughout the day. Ask the audience questions: where will you go, what to wear, etc.

Then, according to the prepared script, offer users a choice. Most importantly, the options were interesting, because no one wants to solve your everyday issues.

  • Wear a Batman costume or a dress?
  • Massage or dancing outside?

One question lasts no more than an hour, then you perform an action.

7. “I believe, I do not believe.”

Game 10 facts about me

Game in the style of “10 facts about yourself.” Come up with ten facts and mix them up with fictional events. With a sticker “Oprasa” in stories invite subscribers to vote – is it true or not.

Every hour you can spread a new fact, and at the end of the day, you can summarize. The smartest subscriber will be published in your account or story. This simple game will boost audience engagement.

I do not believe the game

PS The most important thing is interesting facts that your subscribers did not know about.

8. “Question – answer”.

This year, the Instagram developers have launched the “QUESTIONS” function. The innovation helps to engage subscribers in communication, and also allows you to reveal the hidden questions of the audience.

To add a question to Instagram, you go to the story and post a photo or video that will be posted along with the question. Then you can add GIFs, hashtag, hashtag. You can also come up with topics for questions in advance.

How can question stickers be used:

  • Ask users a question and ask for an answer. Then post the correct answer and link to the user.
  • Ask the audience what they want to know, let them ask personal questions. If you are promoting a company, people will be able to ask what they have long wanted to know about the product.
  • You can make it relevant in the story – the heading “question-answer”.

PS It is better to answer the question honestly and in detail. More on the topic: How to ask and answer questions on Instagram

9. Game “Draw me a mustache”.

You upload your photo to the story and invites subscribers to take a screenshot and draw something. Glasses, hat, cane, cigar. At the end of the day, you can publish the funniest pictures and a link to the author. If you run a company blog, invite your subscribers to paint a mustache for your manager or friend.

Game draw a mustache

Learning to laugh at yourself will increase the level of trust of your audience and reduce the level of seriousness on a business blog.

10. Questionnaires.

You probably remember how you started up notebooks with questionnaires as a child. Even though the game is simple, it is addictive.

Instagram profiles

Put a profile in the story and ask subscribers to make a screen of it, and then fill out and put in the instructions for the link to your account. You can ask any questions. Ask subscribers about favorite bloggers, movies, or plans for the week.

This way, you show your audience that you are interested in them.

PS Subscribers’ responses may be interesting and even useful.

How to create game content

Let’s create a prediction game. To do this, go to the service and activate a 30 day trial period. Later, you can unsubscribe and use the service for free!

  1. Choose the size of the desired picture. For Instagram, this is a 1: 1 (square) format. You can choose the design as you wish. In the GIF, only the text will change, everything else will be static. Choose a white background and the most common font.
    Creation of game content on Instagram
  2. We define our target audience, for whom this prediction will be. Our animation theme is how will you spend Saturday? What awaits you in the new year? Who is thinking of you now?
  3. Comes up with texts of predictions. For commercial accounts, you can make a discount instead of a prediction by signing “Fix your personal discount.” In pursuit of a larger discount, users will view your post multiple times.
  4. We have chosen what will be in our prediction, now you can move on to creating a gif. Place the text in the middle and make some slides.
  5. Places the text on the picture, we do the same with the rest of the phrases. Then we download the slides and send them to Gyphius. You can select high speed in the program, the main thing is that you cannot peep the answers, otherwise the game will not be interesting.
  6. Almost ready! Now we need to make a video out of a GIF, you can use any convenient application – splice or imovie. It remains to come up with a bright title and upload it to Instagram!

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How can companies use game content?

The so-called gamification is also useful for Instagram, including business profiles. With the help of game content, users will be able to get to know the company’s product better and start interacting with the brand.

Stories can be used to publish the history of the company. Tell how it all began and what it was achieved. The “Question” feature will help you find out what worries your subscribers and demonstrate your openness. Games in posts can be used for sweepstakes and promotions.


Run games for Instagram followers to grab and hold audience attention. Take this content seriously. Every detail needs to be worked out. Visualization is one of the important points in the creation of game content, the more attractive the design, the greater the chance to interest subscribers.

Design your own unique games. So that you yourself would like to play!

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