Gathering the target audience in Instagram: search and parsing


Today many companies are trying to “catch” their clients on Instagram. This is understandable – young, advanced and solvent audience lives here. Therefore, gathering a target audience in Instagram is very important at any stage of business promotion.

If you recklessly use the services for promotion, you can “catch” a lot of bots and fake accounts. We do not need a “number for the sake of number”, we are interested in sales.

You need to learn how to find and collect your audience in Instagram. In order to subsequently work only with a live audience (by starting massfollowing or massliking), which will be interested in your proposal. In this article, we will figure out how and where to find a target audience in Instagram. We will tell you about the services that will help to gather it.


Where to find the target audience in Instagram

In order to gather the target audience in Instagram, you need a little time, a little savvy and a good parser (service for gathering the audience). And, of course, you have to have a portrait of that very same target audience – to understand who you’re looking for.

By competitors.

Those people who are interested in your competitors’ products are also potentially your target audience. But be careful – there may be many fake accounts or commercial accounts among your subscribers that are usually inactive. You should collect only those who have subscribed recently (three days ago), likes and comments.

Usually the work is done in the following way: gather subscribers of competitors into one list; then fakes, bots and commercial accounts are removed from that list – according to the list of stop words such as: price, order, buy, store, clothes, build-up and so on.

By hashtags.

Gather a few themed hashtags that are relevant to you and your offering. Search through Instagram for publications that have lots of comments and likes. The profiles that made those publications should be gathered into one list.

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Then you should clean that list of those with very few subscribers or many bots in their followers, and those with few comments and likes. As a result, you will have a database of profiles whose followers can be your target audience. It remains only to spar with these very subscribers.

With the help of spies for Instagram.

Such services show other people’s likes on this social network, help to gather an active audience – those who like and subscribe. You can gather a list of active users and later use it to promote your page in Instagram.

By geolocation (geometicks).

Thus, you can gather an audience that is located in a particular city. This is primarily relevant for those who are engaged in regional promotion.

Parser will collect the audience, which posted posts with the selected geolocation.

From VK

You can collect the target audience for Instagram from the social network VKontakte. Many users link their accounts on these two social networks. To start with, you can spar the right target audience in VKontakte, and then find their accounts in Instagram. One disadvantage – not everyone links their pages. The list will be incomplete.

As I have already written, you need a program – parser – to carry out all these operations, because it is an unreal amount of work to collect the audience manually. Parsers will collect the necessary base and clean it from bots in just a few minutes.

The best programs and services for parsing CA from Instagram

I’ve compiled a list of 7 services that solve a variety of tasks for gathering target audience in social networks, and in particular – in Instagram.


This is a multifunctional service that can be used to work with Instagram at all stages of promotion. As for gathering the audience, there are 2 options: specify the audience at the start of the task or spar separately. In both cases, you can use 4 sources of audience: geolocation, hashtag, competitors’ followers or your account followers.

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In addition to gathering the audience, the service allows you to launch mass activities, send out personal messages, as well as set up scheduled posting.

Zengram Parser

It is an automated platform for promoting your Instagram account. This service helps to collect hashtags and select the target audience by them, find competitors and collect their followers. You can “catch” the target audience by geotags. There is also an insta-spy that tracks active subscribers from competitors.

A significant disadvantage is that there is no audience filtering by standard parameters.


An indispensable program for those who are engaged in promotion in Instagram. Please note that this is a program, not an online service, which means you need to download and install it on your computer.

Through this program you can manage your accounts, but this is not the main thing. The program has a separate block of functions to gather an audience with various filters and parameters. You can filter and collect competitors’ subscribers or find the CA by hashtags in a minute.

The most valuable features of the program in our case are:

  • collection of phone numbers and email addresses;
  • collection of competitors and hashtags;
  • collection of Instagram accounts from VKontakte;
  • active audience gathering spy;
  • geometric parsing with radius setting.

That is, to find your target audience, you can spar competitors through SocialKit, and then gather active subscribers from that list. In the same way, you can collect your audience by hashtags.

Target Hunter

This parser works primarily with the social network VKontakte. But it has a very useful function – collecting Instagram accounts from VKontakte.

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That is, first you collect the target audience in VKontakte, and then you parse the ID or Username in Instagram from the received list. TargetHunter will collect data from user’s profile or wall.

If you have a database of Instagram followers and want to find them in VKontakte – there is a separate function for this.


This clever service can collect subscribers by hashtags or a downloaded list of competitors. Filters are available to find the right audience for you. You can filter accounts by subscribers, countries, and commercial accounts. From there, DoInsta will do everything itself: subscribe and like other users, thereby increasing the number of subscribers to your account.



Pepper.Ninja is a parser that helps you find your target audience in Instagram for further work with it. The essence is as follows: first you find the target audience in VKontakte, then parse the list of Instagram accounts from the database (as in TargetHunter).

The algorithm is simple:

  • Collect groups of VK by keywords;
  • Parsing a list of people from these communities;
  • We collect active, clean the base from the bots;
  • Parsing a list of Instagram-accounts.

All the work on finding the target audience will take no more than an hour. Minus – it is impossible to assess the activity of this audience in Instagram.

Gathering a target audience in Instagram is not so difficult: there are many good programs for this. But do not forget that you need not only to gather the audience, but also to be able to interest it – with your content or a unique offer. If the portrait of CA is made correctly, and you have selected the right people – success is not far off.

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