Google Ads has a new search ad format – Things to do


Google Ads introduced a new ad format called Things to do. The Google Ads blog reports that the new format is ideal for advertising events, tours and attractions.

Now, with a search query related to travel and recreation (what to do, where to go), the Tickets&Tours block will appear above the Google search results, where the Things to do format ads will be shown.

The Things to do ad includes a photo, price, company name, and a link to a reservation. These ads are generated automatically by Google based on the data feed provided. So you don’t have to create the ads yourself and set up keyword targeting.

Before launching, the advertiser will be able to choose a bid assignment strategy as well as set budget spending limits. All search campaign strategies are available, except for targeting share of impressions. The ad display location is determined by an auction in which competitors’ bids and ad quality are taken into account.

To start using the Things to do ad format, you’ll need to apply to Google to join the program. For more information, see the Google Hotel Center Help.

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