Google Ads now offers Video Action campaigns for Smart TV


Starting today, the format of Video Action campaigns in Google Ads is also available for Smart TV. It will help advertisers to stimulate online sales and attract potential customers, and thus grow their business.

When a viewer sees a Video Action campaign on a TV, a link appears at the bottom of the screen, inviting them to visit the brand’s website from their computer or mobile device, allowing them to make a purchase without interrupting viewing.

  • 25% of users watch YouTube mostly on the big screen.
  • The effectiveness of Video Action campaigns on Smart TV has been tested experimentally. According to Google, more than 90% of conversions could not be achieved on mobile devices and computers.
  • Now advertisers will be able to assess the extent to which advertising on YouTube is able to induce users to take certain actions, such as switching to the site, registration, purchase and other types of conversions.


Advertisers can also use the beta solution to boost conversions on TV screens to get nearly meaningful results in real time. The solution measures the ability of YouTube ads to move users to specific actions such as click-throughs, registrations, purchases and other conversions.

Video Action for Smart TV campaigns are now available on Google Ads worldwide. To learn more, contact the Google team or visit the Help Center.

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