Google Ads unveils new budget report


Google Ads has introduced a new budget report.

The report includes information on how budget size affects spending, as well as a breakdown of daily spending for the month.

How to view the budget report in Google Ads

To see the budget report, you must have a campaign with a date range that includes the current month. Next, follow the simple instructions:

Step 1. Go to your Google Ads account and from the page selection menu on the left, open the “Campaigns” section.

Step 2: Click on the campaign budget value in the “Budget” column. A window will appear with the average daily budget, where you can change it and save your changes.

Step 3. Click “View Budget Report” to open the report.

You can view the budget report for a group of ads in the same way.

The budget report provides information about how you spent your budget for a particular month, including your total spending for the month, the monthly limit, and projected ad spending if the month is not yet complete.

That said, daily spending may be twice the average daily budget – on days when the ad has a better chance of getting clicks and conversions. However, total spending for the month does not exceed the monthly limit, and the new report provides this information clearly.

If you change your average daily budget mid-month, the budget report will show a graph of how this change affects spending for the month and provide a forecast of spending based on the new value for the average daily budget.

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