Google Ads will show automatic extensions along with manually created ones


Google Ads presented an update to the principles of automatic extensions, allowing you to show them together with the extensions that the advertiser created himself.

Previously, the system did not add automatic extensions to ads if the ads were manually supplemented with links, clarifications and structured descriptions.

Starting in mid-March 2022, Google Ads will show manually created extensions and automatic extensions in the same ad. For example, if an advertiser adds an additional link, the system can add more to them.

In addition, a new report on automatic extensions will appear in the Google Ads cabinet on the “Extensions” page. The advertiser will be able to pause or delete them without leaving the report.

Google Ads is also changing the logic behind showing manually entered extensions. Previously, if an advertiser added extensions at lower levels of the campaign structure, the system would not use extensions from the levels above. Beginning in mid-March, the system will begin to add extensions at higher levels as well.

Earlier, Google updated its Search Ads 360 platform.

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