Google Business Profile has restrictions for new owners and administrators


In Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) there are restrictions for new owners and administrators – full access to the management after only 7 days.

If you add a new owner or administrator, he will have full access to all settings in the profile after seven days.

Before that he or she won’t be able to:

  • delete and restore the profile;
  • remove other owners or administrators from the profile;
  • transfer the role of the primary owner to himself or herself or to another user;
  • transfer the role of primary owner to another owner or administrator within the first seven days.

If the new owner or administrator deletes their account within the first seven days, they will be removed from their profile. If the user then restores the account, it will need to be added to the profile anew.

The new restrictions from Google should improve the security of business profiles, to prevent fraud or hacking attempts.

Previously, Google allowed changes to the company’s profile on Search and Google Maps.

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