Google released an updated Search Ads 360 platform


Google announced the launch of an updated platform Search Ads 360, which allows advertisers to automatically place search ads in several systems at once – Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising and others.

The updated version adds support for more functions of search engines and types of advertising campaigns. In addition, there is the ability to centralize and scale tasks across different systems and accounts.

Thanks to this, Search Ads 360 will process more data without exceeding the waiting time to ensure fast interaction with the user. The new system can also provide operational support for managing most of Google Ads’ new features like Performance Max and Discovery campaigns.

Search Ads 360’s new interface and one-stop format

The updated Search Ads 360 interface is similar to Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, platforms that many advertisers already work with. It makes it faster to navigate, more productive, and easier to manage your ad campaigns.

Search Ads 360 provides support across multiple advertising channels and search engines. Advertisers will be able to access more features from other search engines than ever before.

Corporate innovations

To effectively manage large-scale marketing campaigns, current Search Ads 360 users use automated campaign building features such as tool management and ad builder. In the new version of the platform, they will become one unified feature called Templates. It is expected to become available later this year, after which users will be able to activate business data in client accounts to automatically create and edit ads using their own data feed.

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Another feature in the new Search Ads 360 will be Performance Center, an improved version of the budget management feature. This feature is scheduled to launch later this year, after which advertisers will be able to take advantage of improved search engine forecasting when planning media budgets.

The updated Search Ads 360 platform has a number of unique services. For example, it will bring a more efficient experience for its users by helping to structure day-to-day tasks such as managing campaigns and setting automated rules and labels – users will be able to make these changes simultaneously for multiple advertisers.

Over the next few months, current Search Ads 360 users will be able to access an updated version of the platform.

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