Hashtags in Tik-Tok – The ultimate guide


Hashtags help promote Tik-Tok videos and let the social network know what your content is about. Some users have questions: where to put hashtags, why they are needed, and how to search for popular ones.

In this article, we’ll tell you as much as possible about hashtags in Tik-Tok.

Hashtags in Tik-Tok – what they are, why you need them, and how to use them

A hashtag is a keyword preceded by a grid sign. For example, #smm. Tags are specified in the description of the video when it is posted in Tik-Tok. When you type a tag, the system may suggest similar popular ones.

You can also add a tag as a sticker to the video itself. You need to record the video or take it from the gallery, then click on the sticker icon in edit mode and select the #HASHTAG sticker.

Write the text of the hashtag and move it to the desired part of the video.

P.S. It is better not to post too many hashtags in such a way, so that the stickers do not interfere with watching the video.

SMM-specialists continue to argue about the importance of hashtags for promotion. Of course, the content itself and how users react to it is more important in Tik-Tok. But if you don’t post hashtags at all, especially when you’re just starting out with Tik-Tok, it will be hard to get into slot deposit dana recommendations – most of the views will come from subscribers.

What hashtags provide:

  • allow you to increase your reach;
  • let Tik-Tok know what the video is about;
  • help promote specific topics;
  • show your participation in a challange (a challange must have its own hashtag);
  • provide an opportunity to promote your Challenges, projects, contests, columns, shows, and events – for this, a unique hashtag is created and promoted.
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*Another advantage is that the video of the author of a unique hashtag is displayed first cara deposit slot via dana in the list of all videos with this hashtag. Thanks to it it is possible to draw attention to the account and to collect new subscribers. This works similarly to music in Tik-Tok.

How many hashtags you need to specify under the video: 1-3 is enough. Technically, you can have more, but they cover part of the video and irritate viewers. After all, there is also a description, and it too is superimposed on top of the video. Besides, a band of hashtags can be perceived by Tick-Tock as spam. If you do put more than 3 hashtags, they should be short so they don’t overlap the video.

How to choose hashtags to videos:

  • choose by meaning;
  • keep track of trending hashtags;
  • keep track of popular hashtags;
  • see what kind of tags a video has in its recommendations;
  • study the tags under competitors’ and opinion leaders’ videos;
  • track your videos’ stats after posting specific hashtags;
  • see in statistics which hashtags brought in traffic;
  • analyze the tags under your most judi slot online popular videos;
  • use services to find and analyze popular hashtags in Tik-Tok, such as Pentos (English-language) and similar.

Even better to combine hashtags, for example, the first one or two high-frequency, and the third more specific (thematic), but medium or low-frequency. For example, you take a vine about blondes. High-frequency hashtag – vayn (7.8 billion views), medium-frequency – blondieumor (36.4 thousand views). But this is not an ironclad rule; everything needs to be tested.

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Important: Hashtags should correspond to the content of the video. If you place only popular for the sake of promotion, but not suitable in meaning, you can get dissatisfaction from users, complaints and a shadow ban from Tik-Tok. The social network may initially give views by those tags, but if the viewer expects to see one thing and gets another, he’ll close the video. Tic-Toc will notice this and stop promoting the video.

You can come up with a branded hashtag to associate with your company, but at least one of the popular, trending or themed ones should be around. Without additional promotion, a new hashtag will not be noticed immediately.

Where to look for trending hashtags

Trending hashtags are located in the “Interesting” section (the magnifying glass icon). The hashtag itself and the video below it will appear in your feed. This section is regularly updated. The tags that are in it are relevant right now, which means you should shoot a video on them faster before they become obsolete, because trends change very quickly in Tik-Tok.

How to determine the popularity of hashtags

You can see the number of views opposite each hashtag. The more there are, the more popular the tags are. Keep in mind that popular hashtags have a lot of competition.

Popular tags can be found by keyword under “Hashtags” and “Best”.

The “Best” section displays not the tags themselves, but the best videos with the selected keyword. You can see the rest of the tags under those videos.


How to analyze the return on hashtags

Tik Tok statistics displays data on hashtags. You need to open the analytics by video – if you see “Hashtags” in the types of traffic source, it means that they bring traffic and you should use them. The only nuance – the statistics do not specify which hashtag brought viewers. If there are too many under the video, it will be hard to guess. This is another argument in favor of a small number of tags under a video.

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It also pays to periodically analyze your most popular videos and see what hashtags are under them. The hardest part about this is determining exactly how much of an impact the tags have had on popularity or just the content itself has shot up.

Mistakes when adding hashtags to Tik-Tok

How not to work with hashtags (to summarize):

  • Too many hashtags under a video;
  • tags don’t fit the meaning;
  • tags are not relevant to users’ interests;
  • no tags at all. Will only work if you are a well-known blogger / brand and you can already be found in the Tik-Tok. Another exception – you have already gained an audience, and TT promotes you based on behavioral factors (comments, likes, reposts).
  • But it’s better to put hashtags in the beginning with Tik-Tok;
  • the same set of hashtags under different videos (risk of getting a shadow ban);
  • Use only popular and trending hashtags – there is high competition for them;


Hashtags in Tick-Tock are an additional tool for content promotion. Especially when you are just starting to promote yourself in this social network, and you need to gain your first audience. It’s worth remembering that content is more important than hashtags. Properly chosen hashtags will not save a low-quality video. Because for Tik-Tok’s algorithms, it’s the users’ reactions that matter, not what’s written under the video.

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