Highlights on Instagram – how to add a story to Highlights

The Highlights feature in Instagram allows you to save stories in a special archive that will only be available to you, and later create collections from them that are available to everyone. This feature appeared on December 5, 2017, and since then has been actively used by bloggers, companies within Instagram promotion

What Highlights of Instagram and toHow does this function work?

Before Highlights, stories on a social network only lasted 24 hours. The new feature allowed users to not only save stories to revisit later, but also create a selection of the best moments and share them with friends.

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Story Highlights – current stories – displayed in the user’s profile description. An unlimited number of stories can be added to each new collection. All of them will be displayed as regular stories, in chronological order.

How to make and add Highlights on Instagram

Along with the Highlights feature, Instagram added automatic story saving. Now, after 24 hours, they do not disappear, but are moved to the archive – they can be shared, revised later, or added to a collection. You can add stories to collections that are archived, that is, stories created after December 5, 2017.

To create a new collection, upload multiple stories – from one to infinite. More about using Stories read in our article. After downloading, go to your profile and click the “new” button in the Highlights section.

A window with all saved stories will appear in front of you. Select any of them in the order that you need later when displaying a selection of the best moments. Choose a collection cover from the story thumbnails. Then write the name – it can hold up to 16 characters with spaces.

Important: By default, the cover of the new album is the image of the first story with a center crop. You can change the story that will become the cover and center it.

After adding stories, covers and titles, save the new ones “Best moments”… They will appear in your profile description and will be available to all users who visit your page. Collections will appear as regular stories. Their number is not limited – you can add 10, 20 or 100 “best moments”, blog categories, product descriptions.

How beautiful to design and use

Highlights function can be used for promotion. Browse the profiles of competitors and use their expertise or develop your own original ideas. For example, you can:

  • Create collection for every day, if you are a famous blogger or public figure. This way, the user can easily view what you did yesterday, week or month ago.
  • Submit each individual product in its own selection. This is true for Instagram stores. By adding the description and benefits of each product to a separate collection, you organize information and make your search more convenient.
  • Create a section titled “about us” and publish interesting facts about the company, team, or everyday work in it. This will increase user engagement, which means, in theory, will affect the ranking of your posts in the general feed.
  • Divide the blog into categories – for example, “About politics”, “About the stars”, “About animals”. This is true for bloggers with a variety of release topics.
  • Create price list – this will make it easier for users to find prices. If you sell multiple products, you can create one collection. If there are many, several albums, sorted by category.
  • Sell ​​ad space. This idea of ​​use is also relevant for users with a large number of subscribers.
  • Publish descriptions of promotions and discounts. This way they will be visible and users will be more active.

How to use Highlights

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How to change or remove

Published Highlights can be edited or deleted. To change or delete them, go to your profile, click on the desired collection and hold your finger on the screen until a pop-up window appears. Choose the option you need – edit or delete.

In edit mode, you can change the name of the collection, its cover, add another story to the best moments. You can also remove stories from the “best moments” that have lost relevance.

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In delete mode, the system will ask you again if you really want to delete the published album. If you confirm the operation, it is permanently deleted. But the stories published in it are stored in the archive – you can create a new collection from them. Also, you can download any Stories from the Highlights section.

Why does not it work Highlights

Old app

If you haven’t updated Instagram for a long time, the feature won’t work. To be able to use Highlights, please upgrade to version 25 or later.

System crash

If you have the latest version of the app but still don’t have Highlights, try reinstalling or restarting it.

Important: if neither updating nor reinstalling helped, write to the technical support service of the social network.

Do you use Highlights and what stories do you upload to your selections? Share your experience in the comments – we are very interested.

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