How much do TickTokers earn in Russia

From a small Chinese application, Tik-Tok has rapidly grown to a global social network. Naturally, this phenomenon could not bypass Russia. The peak of the popularity of TT in the Russian Federation came in 2019 – in September 2019, the first Tik-Tok office was opened in Moscow, in October 2019 the application took the 8th place in downloads among Russian applications, and in February 2019 it was already 4.With the growth in popularity of TT in In Russia, the number of users who managed to earn money in it also grew.

In the article, we will tell you how and how much Russian tiktokers earn and briefly go over the main ways of earning income on this social network.

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Ways to make money in Tik-Tok

What do they earn in TT now:

Advertising Is the main source of income for TikTokers. What formats are available: an overview video, direct advertising of a product, a product in a frame without a mention (for example, a pack of chips in hand), a link in a profile, an advertisement for a track (shooting a video for an ordered song), a duet, mentioning another account with a call to subscribe, advertising a challenge …

Affiliate programs – you drive traffic to affiliate sites (for example, through a link in your profile or promotional codes) and get a percentage of sales.

Donates – you share your work in TT, and subscribers send donations in gratitude.

Live broadcasts – another way to receive donations, but through the virtual currency of Tik-Tok. Viewers send stickers to the blogger, which he can then convert into real money. Read more: How to make a live broadcast on Tik-Tok.

Earnings on monetization – It seems that Tik-Tok is still going to make an official monetization, although so far the pilot project works only in some countries and is not available to all bloggers. Tik-Tok employees choose bloggers themselves and send them individual offers. They pay about $ 20 per million views. It is not yet clear whether monetization will reach the Russian Federation.

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Promotion of your services and expert content – A lot of expert accounts (psychologists, teachers, lawyers) have appeared in TT. Popularity allows them to raise the price tag for their services and sell expert material (books, webinars, online courses).

Sale of goods – everything is clear here, you are promoting in TT in order to increase the sales of goods (your own, partner or dropshipping). Despite the myths that only schoolchildren are sitting in Tik-Tok, more and more branded accounts can be seen on this social network.

Promotion of other TikTokers – you can earn on auditing and consulting novice Tiktokers who do not yet know how to advance.

More ways to make money were discussed in the article TOP 16 ways to make money in Tik-Tok.

Examples of earning TikTokers

Of course, tiktokers do not shout right and left about their earnings, so you can find out the amount of their income either from interviews or from prices for advertising integrations. At the same time, how much they earn on affiliate programs, donations, merchandise sales is impossible to find out until the tiktoker himself tells about it.

Dina Saeva (@dina)

She is called the face of the Russian Tik-Tok. In many ways, the success was facilitated by the fact that the girl joined the social network at a time when there were few Russian-speaking bloggers there.

@dinareality or fake?) ♬ original sound – dina

What is shooting: dancing, lipstick, social videos, simple content for teenagers.

How much does he earn: According to Forbes, her income is more than 800,000 rubles a month. The girl makes money on advertising for famous brands such as Sprite, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Dolce & Gabbana.

Danya Milokhin (@danya_milokhin)

Started uploading videos to Tik-Tok in July 2019 at the age of 18. A guy with a cute appearance has already been noticed on the big stage – Milokhin is invited to TV, he has a joint track with Timati and Dzhigan.

@ danya_milokhin @ bastaakanoggano boom πŸ’₯ ♬ original sound – lesyapotehina

What is shooting: short dances, skits, lipsticks, recently started recording his tracks.

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How much does he earn: more than 1 million rubles a month, although in addition to Tik-Tok, Instagram and YouTube bring him income. The main part of the money comes from advertising. Estimated income from a video ad is from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000.

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Timur Sorokin (@timursorokin)

Russian rapper, member of the @xoteam Russian House of Bloggers. Born in Belarus, his family moved to Moscow at the age of 10. Now he lives in 2 countries – the Russian Federation and the USA. He is busy with musical creativity, maintains social networks, shoots joint videos with other bloggers.

@ timursorokin Which one is more life? πŸ˜… ♬ original sound – makar_leo

What is shooting: joint videos with other bloggers, sketches, movements to music.

How much does he earn: Estimated income from a video ad – from $ 300 to $ 1,000. The blogger’s main income comes from his music.

Herman Glasko (@germanglas)

A young, kind, charismatic guy. Member @ thehypehouse.rus. An interesting fact from life – Herman did not like studying in a regular school, which is why his parents had to transfer him to home schooling.

@germanglaspov: We found you and are ready to fulfill the order … 😈 ♬ Wishful Drinking – Tessa Violet

What is shooting: actively uses filters, masks and tik-tok effects, and does it very creatively. If you are looking for inspiration on how best to use this or that effect in TT – you should go to Herman’s page.

How much does he earn: estimated income from a video ad – from $ 300 to $ 700

Pasha Leem (@pashaleem)

A young musician, he released his first track “Chuyu” in 2017. Tik-Tok helps him to promote his creativity.

@ pashaleem Didn’t notice anything strange? πŸ˜πŸ’œ ♬ Level Up – Ciara

What is shooting: funny sketches and videos for your tracks.

How much does he earn: The approximate income from an advertising video is about $ 100 – $ 500, but the musician receives the main income from creativity.

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Roman Kagramanov (@kagramanana)

Young Russian singer, comedian, actor, blogger. Participated in the projects “New Star” and “Song-2”. From an early age he is fond of music, in his youth he played in KVN. He was engaged in dancing and managed to write several novels. He took part in many musical events, festivals, vocal competitions.

@ kagramanana Mark the exπŸ˜‚Inst kagramana ♬ Kagramanov How much is love – kagramanana

What is shooting: humorous vines.

How much does he earn: The approximate income from an advertising video is about $ 400 – $ 900, but advertising is not the only way a blogger makes money.

Max Brown (@maksbraun)

He calls himself the king of social networks. He started with a YouTube channel, where he hosted the author’s program “Blogger” about other bloggers. The guys he was talking about, in turn, brought traffic to his channel. Not having received what he wanted from YouTube, the guy abandoned the channel and moved to Tik-Tok.

@maksbraunShe made the right choiceπŸ’ž ## recommendations

♬ XO – the Limba & Andro

What is shooting: social videos.

How much does he earn: from 150,000 rubles for one advertising integration.

Stop! But not everyone can be Tik-Tok stars and shoot videos with Timati and Dzhigan! What can lesser-known bloggers expect?

Even if you are a beginner blogger in TT, gaining more than 10,000 subscribers, you can start taking orders for advertising. Advertising exchanges, for example, @tiktoptok (a Telegram group), will help you navigate prices.

With more than 40,000 subscribers, you can take 1,000 rubles for an overview video, 2,000 for open advertising of products, 1,000 rubles for a link in your profile. So for 10 review videos you can earn 10,000 rubles a month.


While in Tik-Tok, advertising remains the most popular way of earning money. In second place are donations during live broadcasts. Tiktokers who have managed to become popular earn several thousand dollars a month, beginners – from several thousand rubles. A good sign – Tik-Tok is slowly testing official monetization, and it may soon be able to make money on views through embedded ads (like on YouTube).

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