How to add a gif to your Instagram Story

Cooperation of the social network with the GIPHY base – allows you to add gifs to Instagram. Thanks to this, many users are already making their Stories more lively and interesting with the help of animation.

Let’s figure out how to search and add GIFs in Stories. And also how to create and add your own gif-animation on Instagram.

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How to find and post a GIF on your Instagram Story

To add gif animation to your Instagram Story, follow our instructions.

Step 1… Start creating stories, choose a background image or video.

Step 2… Click attach sticker – icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3… A panel of stickers for Stories will open, tap on the corresponding sticker. It has the inscription “GIF” on it.

How to attach GIF sticker to Stories

Step 4… We fall into the list of different beautiful gifs. To find the desired one, simply enter the keyword into the search.

Where to find gifs on Instagram

The search is carried out on the basis of the GIPHY service, so use only English words. If you do not know how to spell the desired word in English, use any online translator.

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Step 5… After selecting the desired gif, you can change its size and location by dragging or stretching it with your fingers right on the screen.

How to post a Story with GIFs on Instagram

Step 6… Finish the story by adding other elements as needed: geolocation, hashtag, poll. And publish your story.

How to add your gif animation to Instagram

Uploading your own GIFs to Instagram is not easy, but possible. As we said, Instagram uses the gif animation of the Giphy service. Accordingly, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Sign up for Giphy and verify your channel. If you are a small company or a blogger, this can be difficult.
    How to add your gif animation to Instagram
  2. Upload your gifs to the platform in the form of stickers (!) with a transparent background, otherwise they will not be available for Stories. Prepare them in advance using any online GIF maker.
  3. If all goes well, GIFs will appear in searches based on keywords and your company name.

When adding stickers, come up with a good title and don’t forget to fill in the description and hashtags.

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Why don’t Instagram gifs work or not?

The only reason you might not have GIFs is the old version of the app, so just update the app and the GIFs will definitely appear.

Also, try reinstalling the application and check if the gifs work if you log into your account from another device.

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