How to add a link to Instagram to WhatsApp, Viber and other instant messengers


A link on Instagram on WhatsApp, Viber or another messenger will allow subscribers to write to you in 1 click.

If you add only a phone number when designing your profile header on Instagram, the subscriber will have to take extra steps. To contact you, he needs to save the number in contacts, open the messenger, find you among other contacts. In the process of these steps, some of the potential customers fall off. Didn’t have time or forgot to save the number, got distracted, changed his mind, accidentally closed the page – minus the sale. The WhatsApp chat link shortens those steps to two – click and write a message. Less unnecessary actions – more requests and requests.

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In this article, we will tell you how to link on Instagram to WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and other messengers / social networks. We will also share a free service for posting multiple links in a profile.

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How to link on Instagram to WhatsApp

Setting up links on the phone and on the computer.

On iOs and Android

  1. Go to Instagram and click on the person icon in the lower right corner.
  2. Click “Edit Profile”.
  3. In the “Website” field, write , where instead of you need to write numbers without zeros, brackets and dashes.
  4. The phone number must be linked to the account. Example:
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Link to WhatsApp with a message template

You can also make a link with pre-prepared text. It will automatically appear for the user in the message field after clicking on the link. He will only have to click on the send button.

To create such a link in the “Web site” field, write: phone number whatsapp/?text=url encoded text

Link to message in WhatsApp, example: to leave%20


Other examples:

  • want% 20 to register% 20 on% 20
  • %20want %20order
  • want%20buy%20

When to use links like this:

  • for the sale of goods and services;
  • collection of contacts for mailings;
  • subscription to the notification of promotions and sales;
  • registration for a webinar, master class, trial lesson and so on.

On the computer

If it is inconvenient to write links from a gadget or there is simply no application, you can do it from a computer. To do this, you need to go to and log in.

An active link to WhatsApp on Instagram is added in the same way as from a phone, but here the person’s icon is located in the upper right corner. Click “Edit Profile”.

In the “Website” field, insert a previously created link with a phone number (

Important: Link templates for WhatsApp change periodically. The current template can always be found on the official website of the messenger.

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Links to other messengers and social networks – Viber, Telegram, VK

If you want to link to any other messenger or social network, proceed in the same way as in the example above. Start editing your account and, depending on the messenger, enter the required url in the site field.

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How to add a link to Instagram to Viber

We use the template:

After clicking on the link, the user will need to click “Open”, and he will be transferred to a chat with you.

How to link to Telegram on Instagram

We use the template:

Username is your nickname in Telegram settings. Usually it is indicated during registration, but some users add it later. To create or copy a nickname, go to “Settings” – “Change profile” – “Username”.

Nick should be added to the link without the “dog” – @.

How to link to Instagram on VK

We use the template:

In the link, we change id1 to our id. The subscriber will see your avatar, and after a few seconds he will be transferred to the chat window.

How to add a link to Instagram on Facebook Messenger

We use the template:

Change Username (username) to your own.

Where is the username:

  • Click on the checkmark in the upper right corner, then “Settings”.
  • In the general settings there is a line “Username”. Copy existing or
  • click “Edit” if you want to change it.

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How to link to Skype on Instagram

We go to Skype. We click on the avatar, then “Skype Profile”.
Click “Share your profile”.

At the bottom there is a line “Copy to clipboard” and a link of the form

Copy the link and paste it into your Instagram profile description.

How to add a link to your Instagram profile using a third-party service

MeConnect is a free service for creating multi-link. By default, you can add only one clickable link to your Instagram profile. The service solves this problem. It allows you to place several active links in your profile at once:

  • to social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype)
  • photo and video sharing apps (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest),
  • website,
  • video hosting (Youtube, Vimeo),
  • email,
  • English-language sites (GitHub, Reddit),
  • portfolio at Behance,
  • google and yandex maps.
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The subscriber clicks on the MeConnect link and gets to a separate business card page with buttons. Each leads to its own social network or messenger.

How to set up links in the MeConnect service

We go through registration – enter your username, password, email. After registration, an email will be sent with an activation link – click.

We fill in information about ourselves – you can immediately see on the right what the finished page looks like. Below is the link to embed in the Instagram profile.

In the “Design” section, select the photo size and set up the background – you can choose a color, picture or gradient fill.

In the section “Messengers” you can create 26 links. We fill in the necessary ones. Add a separate link to the website if needed.

Setting up a multilink

We register the numbers of Yandex.Metrica, Google.Analytics, pixel numbers of Facebook or VKontakte to track traffic.

In addition to the link, the service has a code to be inserted into the site, as well as a QR code. In the “Statistics” section – detailed information on clicks and views of the business card.

If you wish, you can completely delete the account. If you need more options, then it is better to choose a paid multi-link service for Instagram.


Use links to messengers to get more requests from subscribers and increase sales. The link allows you to contact you in 1 click.

If you need a lot of links, use the multi-link service.


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