How to add a video to Instagram: step by step instructions

Instagram is a specific social network with visual content in the first place. Moreover, videos are now at their peak of popularity – they allow significantly increase coverage and engagement… However, adding a video to Instagram is more difficult than adding a photo. Many people face unpleasant situations when a file does not load or its quality deteriorates noticeably.

Today we will show you how to post a video to Instagram from a computer or phone. How to publish any video in Stories. And also how to deal with emerging problems when working with video format.

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How to post a video to Instagram: from your phone and computer

From phone

Everything is done directly from the application on a smartphone or mobile phone.

Step # 1. Launch the Instagram app and click on the add new post button (“+” at the bottom of the screen).

There are two options here:

  • you can record from the camera by switching to the “Video” section by pressing and holding the button in the middle;
  • add a video from the gallery, and then click “Next”.

Step # 2. Now you can edit the video. In the “Filter” tab, you can use one or another effect.

Putting a filter on the video

Step No.3. In the “Shorten” tab, you can trim the video by using the slider under the video. Please note: the shortest video length in posts is 3 seconds, and the maximum is 1 minute.

How to shorten an Instagram video

Step No.4. The “Cover” tab is needed in order to select the main frame that will be shown to users even before playback. You can also mute the sound using the corresponding icon at the top of the screen.

How to customize your Instagram video cover

You cannot upload an arbitrary image to the cover.

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Step # 5. Click “Next” – you will see the registration screen. At this stage, you can specify the geo, come up with a signature for the publication, and so on. More on the topic: How to make a post on Instagram correctly

How to share a video on Instagram

After carrying out the necessary manipulations, click on the “Share” button, and the published video will be seen by all your followers.

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From computer

The easiest and most convenient way is to use the free Gramblr program.

Step # 1. Download the software from the official website and install it on your computer.

Step # 2. After starting the application, enter your Instagram profile data in it, then click on the Log in button.

Step # 3. Open the folder with the desired video on your PC and drag the content into the program window. Then finish posting the post.

How to post a video to Instagram from a computer

How to Share Videos on Instagram Stories

In Stories, you can upload short videos up to 15 seconds long.

Step # 1. Swipe to the right on the ribbon or click on your avatar sign in the Stories ribbon, located at the top left.

How to Share Videos on Instagram Stories

Step # 2. Click on the circle at the bottom of the screen and record a video for your stories. Or choose a finished video from the gallery.

Step # 3. Select the pencil symbol to add a drawing, or an emoticon if you want a sticker. To add an inscription to the video, click on “Letters”. More details: How to post Stories on Instagram using all the features

Story design with video

Step # 4. After registration, click on the “Recipient” button at the very bottom. Choose from “Your Story” to share with all subscribers or “Best friends┬╗To share with a limited list of users.

Share video story

Instagram video problems

Let’s take a look at the most common problems that users face.

The video does not load on Instagram

In most cases, the problem is an unstable internet connection. Its solution is to search for a Wi-Fi point with a good connection or change the tariff (you can check the Internet speed using the service SpeedTest).

It’s also worth knowing the format of the content. Instagram does not fully support the new FLV and WEBM extensions yet. It is more expedient to convert the file to mp4, wmv, asf, m4v, 3q2, mpg, vi, 3gp. Moreover, its size should be up to 128 MB.

Another possible cause of the problem is an outdated version of Instagram. Chances are, you just need to update the software. You can check this in the App Store or Google Play.

If none of the above methods helped you, one thing remains – reset the settings of the mobile device “to factory settings”, having previously created a backup copy of all content from external and internal memory.

Deteriorating video quality

Despite frequent updates, Instagram consistently degrades the quality of users.

Posting video quality deteriorates for the following reasons:

  • the social network compresses the media file to the optimal size to reduce the load on the servers;
  • the format is changed to the mov standard, which makes content available even on a device with a weak processor;
  • the user has an old version of Instagram installed, which decreases the quality more when downloading.

To avoid significant degradation of the source, you need to regularly update the application. Live mode allows you to avoid reformatting and, accordingly, reducing video quality.

Can’t repost video

The Share function is not provided by the Instagram developers. Repost using third-party services.

To share a video, install Regrann, Repost for Instagram or another version of the program you like on your device. Then go through the identification on the social network, find the video you want and click “Copy link” or “Share”.

Video from PC is not added

The application was originally created specifically for mobile devices. Although now the developers are actively developing the web version, it still lacks full functionality. So, users cannot upload photos and videos from a computer.

The situation can be corrected by installing the official application on the laptop. This can be done through the “App Store”, but please note: this solution is suitable for the operating system Windows 8 and higher.

In addition, post videos on Instagram will help delayed posting services… When choosing a service, pay attention to support for video publishing.

Hopefully today’s tips will come in handy for promoting your Instagram page. Subscribe to our updates on social networks to be among the first to receive the latest materials!

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