How to add a video to Yandex Zen. Acceptable format, size and length

We have already written about working in Yandex.Zen: how to create a narrative or publish a link, now we will figure out how to upload a video to your channel.

From today’s article, you will learn the basic technical requirements for a video: size, format, length. Get step-by-step instructions on how to add a video to a Yandex.Zen channel from your computer and how to delete it.

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Video size, format and length

You can add videos with duration to a Yandex.Zen channel up to 15 minutes and size up to 10 GB… GIF files must be no more than 100 MB.

Available formats: MOV, MP4 and GIF

When displayed in the feed, the video automatically adjusts to the post card without distorting the proportions.

Video can be anything: vertical, square, or horizontal. Square and vertical content is the best format for viewing on a phone. When loading horizontal video, the sides of the screen are automatically cropped. In this case, it is important that the image and text are in the middle and not cropped. Otherwise, the video will look unattractive in the recommendation feed, which will reduce the number of views.

Content and quality requirements:

  • You cannot publish other people’s materials on your own behalf – Yandex.Zen monitors copyright infringement. It is prohibited to insert someone else’s video even for non-commercial purposes and with a mention of the author. You can use parts of someone else’s audio and video, but the content you create should be the basis.
  • Videos of an explicit and erotic nature are prohibited – they will not be shown in the general recommendation feed.
  • The plot of the video should not be based on profanity and insults, incitement to violence.
  • You cannot use clickbait – to draw attention to the video using frames that do not correspond to the main topic of the material.
  • Videos promoting unhealthy goods and services are prohibited.

There is no direct monetization in videos, but you can place native ads. Create entertainment, informational and educational videos with the support of advertisers to make money.

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How to publish a video on a channel in Yandex.Zen

So far, you can only upload videos to Yandex.Zen from a computer. Mobile users do not have this option.

At the time of this writing, there are two options for publishing a video to the channel: insert it into the article by adding a link or code, and also using the new format (it is not yet available to all authors).

Let’s consider in detail both methods.

How to insert a video into an article

This option allows you to:

  • add a short description;
  • download content from video hosting sites;
  • indicate hashtags;
  • add links to other resources.

This method is available to all Yandex.Zen authors without exception. It makes it possible to diversify the article, make it more interesting. In addition, adding a video to a publication is an effective technique to keep the user on the page.

To insert a video into an article, go to the page Yandex Zen and log into your account. Click on the “+” at the top of the screen and select the first item titled “Article”.

Under the heading, find the icon in the form of triangular brackets and click on it (the icon is responsible for inserting external code).

How to insert a video into an article

Insert a link or code to content from Yandex.Video, YouTube, Instagram or VKontakte in the field. In the draft, the video will be displayed as a freeze frame, but in the feed it will load as it should.

Video in Yandex.Zen

In the same way, you can embed a video into a narrative.

How to upload a video

This new format is currently in test mode and is not available to everyone. To publish a video, go to the Yandex.Zen editor. Click on the “+” and then on the item “Video or GIF”.

How to add a GIF or video

Grab the media file with your mouse and drag it to the desired location, or select “Download” to add a video from your computer.

Uploading video to Zen

After uploading the media file, write a title and select the appropriate freeze frame for the video using the slider under the “Image” section. In addition, you can separately download a picture from your computer that will become a screensaver. If necessary, check the box next to “Disable comments” and click “Publish”.

Video description

How to delete a video

To remove a video, go to the page with all your posts. Click on the three dots next to the desired post and select “Delete”.

How to delete a video

Confirm the deletion.

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  1. A video can be published on the Yandex.Zen channel only from a computer.
  2. The video will not be monetized through Direct, but you can place native ads.
  3. The platform supports MOV, MP4 and GIF formats.
  4. The maximum video length is 15 minutes, the size is up to 100 MB for gifs and up to 10 GB for other formats.
  5. You can upload the video in the publication itself or in a separate post (via the “Video or GIF” button). The last option is not yet available to all authors, as it works in test mode.

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