How to add and open bookmarks in VK. Liked records and the tape “Liked”

VKontakte bookmarks is a section where you can save and sort important publications. In connection with the appearance of a new section, the entries you liked were placed in a separate “Liked” tab in the news feed.

In this article we will tell you how to add a bookmark to VK, how to find and view all bookmarks from your phone or computer, and how to navigate through bookmarks using tags. Also, we will show you where your favorite publications are now.

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Bookmarks in VK: how to add, open, view and delete

The basic principle of bookmarks is that interesting posts can be saved in a separate section called “Bookmarks”. Let’s figure out how the “Bookmarks” section works.

How to bookmark a post

To save the desired material, in a post you need to click on the star icon or on the “Save to bookmarks” button in the published post menu.

After saving in bookmarks, a corresponding notification will appear. Only you can see your bookmarks and the materials that are stored in them.

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Save to bookmarks

How to open and view bookmarks

The section where posts are saved is called “Bookmarks”. It’s in the left menu, right below the main menu.

How to open and view bookmarks in VK

By entering the section, you can sort all saved materials by category. Posts, articles, videos, links, podcasts, products.

For each saved material, you can set arbitrary mark marks.

How to set up labels in VK bookmarks

To make a tag, click on the three dots next to the saved post or in the menu on the right, click on the big button “Create new tag”.

How to set up labels in VK bookmarks

Create a labelby choosing its name. Name the labels so that it will be easier for you to navigate in them later: work, home, smm, and so on.

Create a VK tag

By default, there are already two labels: important and read later. They can be deleted or edited. When you delete a tag, the post marked with it does not disappear.

Saves statistics entries are not displayed yet, but may appear later.

How to delete or clear all bookmarks

It is currently impossible to clear the entire list of bookmarks. You can delete bookmarks manually.

How to delete or clear all bookmarks

To do this, find the bookmark you want to delete. Hover over the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the plate with a constant and select “Remove from bookmarks” in the menu that appears.

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How to view your favorite posts

Previously, all the posts you liked were automatically bookmarked. Now the bookmarks are highlighted in another section, and all the entries you like (posts, photos, videos, etc.) are displayed in a separate tab – “Liked”.

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Go to the feed “Liked” can be on the news feed page by clicking on the tab with the corresponding name in the menu on the right.

Like the feed VKontakte

All publications in the liked feed can be sorted by type: posts, comments, photos, videos and products.

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