How to add episodes to YouTube videos

YouTube, after testing, made the option to split videos into chapters available to all users.

To highlight the semantic parts in the videos, indicate their time stamps in the description. Videos will be automatically split into episodes, making it easier for viewers to find the moments they want.

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How to add episodes to YouTube videos

You can specify episodes for uploaded videos. These are sections that are marked on the timeline and accompanied by a preview window. They give users a clearer understanding of the content of the video and help them find the part they want faster.

To split your YouTube video into episodes, follow these simple steps.

Step 1… Upload a new video to YouTube or start editing an old one.

Step 2… On the Video Details page, in the Description field, enter timestamps and episode names. Please note that the time is entered in colon separated by 00:00.

The first episode should start at 00:00. The minimum episode length is 10 seconds. In total, you can add at least three episodes to the video. You need to list them in the order they appear in the video. Save your changes.

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After that, the episode breakdown appears in the video.

How to split a video into episodes on YouTube


Use the new feature to make your videos easy to navigate and give your subscribers the ability to quickly jump to the right moment in the video.

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