How to add multiple photos or videos to Instagram Stories

This feature appeared on the social network in April 2018. With its help, any user can add several photos or videos to an Instagram story at a time (up to 10 media).

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can post multiple photos to Stories at once. And also, how can you place several photos and videos in one Story at once.

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How to add multiple photos / videos to a story at once

To add multiple Stories at once, go to Add Stories and open the gallery on your phone. Select multiple photos or click on the gallery icon in the upper right corner.

Next, choose the order in which the story will be shown to your followers.

How to post multiple photos on Instagram Stories at once

Then edit each photo for Stories separately. Add hashtags, geotag, gifs, question, quiz, polls, text or other stickers. Click next.

Editing a story

Before publishing, select who can see the published story – all your subscribers or users from the “Best Friends” list. And click share.

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How to take multiple photos or videos (collage) in one Instagram Story

Also, many people like to combine content and add several images or videos to one story at once. How can this be done?

The easiest way to create a collage in Instagram Stories is using a special application. To do this, go to the application store from your smartphone, download and install the necessary. Here is a list of suitable apps:

  • Story Maker;
  • Story Art;
  • StoryLab;
  • Insta Story.

After installation, open the application, select the appropriate template and add the desired pictures to it. For example, this is how it looks in the StoryLab app.

How to make a collage in a story


As you can see, everything is very simple.

To publish several stories at the same time, just select the required number of photos on your phone and put them on publication. To combine photos in the form of a collage – use applications.

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