How to add multiple photos or videos to one Instagram post


Today we will tell you how to put several photos in one post on Instagram. The ability to publish a gallery of photos and videos appeared back in February 2017. In this article we will show you how to use the gallery and how to make your account more interesting with it.

How to add multiple photos to one Instagram post

So how do you display multiple photos at once?

  1. First, make sure your app is up to date. Then go to your account and click on the plus sign, add a photo.
  2. The button appears on the right side. Gallery” or “Library“, Depending on the device.
  3. Choose the photos you want to post. The order of the photo will be shown in blue numbers. Up to 10 images can be uploaded at a time.
  4. Then you can edit photos and apply filters, as well as change the order of photos in the gallery. Click on the picture, hold it and swap it.
  5. If you decide to delete a photo, hold your finger on it and swipe up towards the trash can.
  6. The post text, comments, hashtags and geotags will be the same for all photos, but the marks may be different. You can tag different users on each photo.
  7. Click share and you’re done! Posts with one or more photos will be marked with a special icon in the form of superimposed squares.
    Gallery icon

How to add multiple videos to one post

Basically, the algorithm remains the same as with photographs.

  1. Click on the plus sign on the screen panel and select the videos you want to add to the publication.
  2. The blue numbers will set the order in which the videos will be posted. By clicking on the file, you can drag and drop it and reposition it. To delete a file, you need to click on the file and swipe it towards the trash can.

  3. Just like a photo, you can edit a video. Instagram allows you to shorten the video, apply a filter and put a cover.
  4. The text, geotags and hashtags will be the same.
  5. Push “Done” and post it!

You can upload both photos and videos in one publication. The fact that there are several files in the post is evidenced by three dots under the publication. You can scroll through the carousel and view all the photos. Leaving a comment under one photo will not work, only under the entire post.

Gallery Usage Ideas

An Instagram gallery is a great way to share your business. Here are some ideas on how you can use this feature to grow your account.

  1. New collection. In order not to make 100 publications in the feed with a new assortment, you can make a post with all the news in the carousel. The collection will look the same. You can show all the details of the new item.
  2. Product creation process. It’s always interesting to see how the thing that you have in your hands was made. Show how you created the product, what material you used. Make some small videos and place them in the carousel.
  3. From all sides. Show your product from all angles. Take some macro photos to show all the details. Your client will see that the product is of high quality and you are not afraid to show it. Such non-tricky images will increase the level of audience confidence in your product.
  4. Discounts and promotions. Tell us what discounts and promotions you have, show in the carousel products that can now be purchased at a bargain price. You probably have an audience that has been watching you for a long time, but for some reason they still haven’t purchased the product. Promotions will perfectly push the customer to buy.
  5. Instruction. Show how to use your product. If it’s clothes, show how you can combine images; if it’s an interior item, show how the product adds coziness to the house.
  6. Your team. Introduce subscribers to your entire team. Tell us who does what: who makes the product, and who answers customer questions.
  7. Your customers. Upload photos of your clients and tag their accounts. Show readers what people are using your product and what it looks like. These are examples of how to use photo galleries for business.
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Sometimes one photo cannot convey everything that you so wanted to show, use the gallery to tell about: stages training, withsqueaks of products, recipes, photos before and after, makiyazh, ppackaging of new products, pSelection of cosmetics, travel photos, directions and more.

Photo and video gallery is a great opportunity to reveal the topic from all sides. The photos in the post are like a little story. And stories always inspire confidence among users. Publish such galleries and you will attract a new audience and interest the old one.

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