How to Add Music to Instagram Stories – New Stories Features

The popularity of content published in the Instagram Stories format is growing day by day. According to Instagram itself, at least 400 million users use this function daily. Not surprisingly, so much attention is paid to the development of the add-on and now it is possible to add music. And today we will tell you about how to add music to your Instagram Story.

The new addition will allow people to better convey their emotions and experiences, the developers themselves believe.

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How to add music to your Instagram Story

To add music to Instagram Stories, first add the story itself – in photo or video format. Next, click attach a sticker and you will see the Music icon, after clicking on which a huge library of soundtracks will open. You can find a suitable track using the search, as well as by navigating through the songs by mood, genre or popularity.

Before deciding on a choice, use pre-listening. And after choosing a composition, find the track segment of interest and insert it into your story.

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Add music to stories

How to Shoot Instagram Stories with Music

There is good news for those who don’t like to bother with post-processing.

You can also select a song before capturing video. When you open the camera, swipe your finger over the new Music option below the record button. Search for a song, select the part you want, and record a video while the song is playing in the background.

While watching your stories with friends and other users, the music will play automatically. The screen will display a sticker when tapping on which the name of the track and its author will appear.

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Why there is no music on Instagram Stories

Instagram promises to update its music library every day.

So far, the new feature is only available to iOS app users in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Sweden. In other countries, story music will appear in the near future.

Also, in order for a sticker with audio recordings to appear, you need to install at least version 51 of the application.

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