How to add music to Instagram Stories


The article has been updated. First published: December 5, 2018

Instagram made it possible to add music to Stories in June 2018. This feature works in several countries, but not in Russia. In this article, we have collected ways to add music to stories using official and third-party applications, as well as the capabilities of other programs and the smartphone itself. It is worth remembering that you can make a deferred history using SMMplanner.

How to add music via the official app

If you are among those who have access to the function in the official application, simply add the Music sticker to the video or photo. The library can be searched by mood, genre and popularity; there is a preliminary audition. After you have selected a song, you can rewind it and select the part you want.

You can also add music before choosing a video: open the camera, scroll to the right and select the “Music” item under the record button. Find a song, select the section you want, and record a video while the song plays in the background.

How to add music via a third party app

If the Music sticker in the official app doesn’t work, you can add music using video editors.

We give some of them:

Storybeat… Adds music and short effects to videos and photos. Inside is a library from Spotify. You can add voice to stories, create musical slideshows and slow-motion videos.

Download Storybeat: App Store | Google Play.

InShot… Knows how to remove unnecessary frames and suppress noise. You can add text and stickers, edit videos from multiple clips. You can add music only from the library on your device.

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Download InShot: App Store | Google Play.

VivaVideo… Two in one: camera and editor. After recording, the video can be immediately edited, effects, filters and music can be added.

Download VivaVideo: App Store | Google Play.

Picmusic… There is an editor and editing of photos and videos, you can add music from the library, the function of overlaying text and voice is available.

Download PicMusic: App Store.

How to add through a graphics editor

Programs like After Effects create animated stories that artists and bloggers often use to present a new single or album. First, the visual part is created, and then the music is applied – all this is published in the story as a regular video or photo.

Then it remains only to add a link to the download track. We remind slot gacor hari ini you that links to external sites are available for Instagram accounts with 10,000 subscribers and above.

music in instagram stories

You can also use Canva to create a cover for your song. You cannot add music to Canvas, but this is done using any video editor from the app store, for example, InShot or VivaVideo, which we talked about just above.

By the way, with SMMplanner’s built-in Story Editor, you can easily create cool story templates with Canva. Owners of pro plans can now publish videos directly from the Story Editor with the desired stickers.

How to add via screen recording

Play the music first. Open the desired photo or video, wait for the desired moment in the song and start recording the screen.

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How to go to recording:

IOS: Settings → Control Center → Customize Controls → Screen Recording.

In Android: The location and availability of the feature varies by situs slot gacor manufacturer.

You can edit or crop a video using the built-in Story Editor from SMMplanner at a paid rate – the first 7 days are completely free.

When editing videos, don’t forget about story limitations:

For photo:

  • Format: 9:16.
  • Size: 1080×1920 and vertical orientation.

For video:

  • File format: .MOV, .MP4 or .GIF.
  • Resolution: from 720p.
  • Recommended aspect ratio: 9:16.
  • Duration: 15 seconds.
  • File size: up to 2.3 GB.

At the beginning of the year, Instagram removed restrictions on the size and position of videos and photos. If the image is smaller than the recommended format, the application will automatically add margins.

When the video or photo is ready, publish it through the app or create a delayed story in SMMplanner.

If you need to create a post, then use the instructions for creating a delayed post on Instagram.

Leah Canary, SMM specialist:

Of course, Instagram’s tightening of its content copyright policy has affected the frequency with which someone else’s songs are used. Even live broadcasts are blocked. Therefore, we highly recommend using allowed tracks from the Facebook collection, for example. I advised one client who conducts meditations to a wide audience to record her own original musical scores with the help of a professional composer. The authenticity of the content at all levels, including audio, creates a sense of the wholeness of the product.

Advice from the author: Capturing video from the screen is probably the most inconvenient of all the methods we have listed. Instead, download a music story maker or video editor and enjoy the new content.

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