How to add video to Odnoklassniki. Manual for phone and PC

We have already written how to create a group in Odnoklassniki, and now we will figure out how to upload a video.

In today’s article, we will tell you how to add videos to Odnoklassniki from your phone and PC, as well as how to delete videos. You will receive a list of auto-posting services. Learn how to use content like this for social media marketing.

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Video size, format and length

Let’s list the main technical requirements for downloadable videos.

The social network supports all popular formats: MPEG, WEBM, MOV, MP4, MXF, FLV, SVCD, VOB, M2TS, DAT, 3G2, M2V, MPE, AVI, WM, RMVB, M4V, MPG, TS, 3GP, MKV, ASF , VCD DV, WMV, M2P, EVO, DIVX, MCF, QT, F4V, OGG, RM, OGM.

The video length can be any. The main thing is that the file size should not exceed 32 GB.

How to upload a video to Odnoklassniki: step by step instructions

From an Android or iOS phone

Step 1… To upload a video to a profile via a mobile device, launch the application. Sign in to your account. Click on the “Video” subsection.

Step 2… Click on the “+” in the orange circle.

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How to add a video to Odnoklassniki

Step 3… Select the video you need on your phone (for a live broadcast, click on the camera image).

How to upload videos to Odnoklassniki from Android

Step 4… In the new window, enter a description of the video and its title. Decide on the appropriate quality, set up the privacy of your content. Select Download.

Uploading a video to Odnoklassniki from iOS

Step 5… Further, in the “Edit” window, you can change the information entered earlier, register keywords. The next step is to click “Save”.

Uploading videos to OK from iPhone

Now wait for the video to load – it will happen immediately. The uploaded video will be available for viewing in about 10-30 minutes. You will find the added content in the “Videos” tab (in the “My” section).

My videos

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From computer

Step 1… Log into your account and select “Video” from the menu.

How to add a video to Odnoklassniki from a computer

Step 2… Click on “Video” on the left side of the screen.

Video tab in Odnoklassniki

Step 3… Click on “Select file to upload”. In the window that opens, find and mark the content that you plan to post to the social network.

How to upload video to Odnoklassniki from PC

Select the video on your PC and click “Open”.

Download video from computer

The process of uploading content to Odnoklassniki will begin – its duration depends on the quality of the video, the speed of the Internet connection, and the duration of the material.

Step 4… When the download is finished, click “Go to Edit”. This mode has two tabs: Creative Studio and Basic Settings.

Creative studio in Odnoklassniki

The first option provides the ability to add text, links and voting. With the help of the quiz, you can find out which of the viewers is the most erudite. But this feature is only available for live streaming.

Description of the video

In the main settings, you can add a description, specify keywords and a title. And also choose a frame for the cover and set up privacy.

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Video settings in Odnoklassniki

After finishing editing, click “Save”. Upon completion of the download and passing the moderation, the video will be added not only to your videos, but also to the news feed.

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Deferred posting of video to Odnoklassniki

Automatically posting content to a social network can save you a lot of time.

Here is a list of sites that administrators can use to automatically upload videos at a specified time:

  1. SMMplanner – every month the user gets 50 free posts, you can also get 50 more auto-posts if you like the service page on Facebook and join the VKontakte group. You can choose a tariff plan with an unlimited number of posts and accounts. The price of 50 posts is 49 rubles.
  2. Kom-Od.Ru – auto-posting allows you to select and configure the loading of posts for filling groups in five minutes. Service price for one group is 100 rubles per month.
  3. SEOlit – the service has a seven-day trial period. After that, the cost of connecting one page to Odnoklassniki is 400 rubles per month.
  4. SmmBox – the price of auto-posting for one account is 399 rubles per month. The free trial period is limited to two weeks.
  5. PublBox – The post planner has a 14-day trial period. The most budgetary option with access per user and a limit of 10 thousand posts costs $ 19 per month.
  6. Sociate – makes it possible to upload posts to Odnoklassniki on a schedule. The cost of using the service is from 250 rubles per month. At the same time, you can add an unlimited number of publications, there is the possibility of teamwork (three users and an observer). The trial period is 14 days.
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How to delete a video

Now about how to remove the previously downloaded video.

From a mobile device

Launch the mobile app and go to “Video”.

How to delete videos in Odnoklassniki from your phone

Click on the three dots next to the video, select “Delete” and confirm the action.

How to remove a video from Odnoklassniki

From PC

Go to your account and click on “Video”. Go to “My Video”. All loaded videos will be displayed in the submenu that appears.

Move the mouse cursor over the video you want to delete. Click on the basket image that appears.

How to delete videos in OK from computer

In the window that opens, click “Delete”.

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How to use video to promote

Every day, users watch videos about 500 million times in Odnoklassniki. Every year, the audience’s interest in such content is growing, which means that the video should be actively used for promotion on the social network.

Broadcast live… Now this format is at the peak of its popularity.

Upload videos on topics relevant to your target audienceby experimenting with themes and formats. Create useful content for users: life hacks, instructions, collections. Publish your video on other sites, here are some instructions to help:

Run video ads… It is a relatively new tool for campaigning thanks to autoplay videos. You upload a video and set up targeting in your myTarget account, the campaign is launched after moderation.

Use the news feeds and the holiday calendar to create relevant content. And to collect the maximum audience, we recommend that you indicate the title of the video, add an interesting description and frequently requested keywords.

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